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Data science is a technology which is based and works on data. In this technology, different operations are performed on the data for generating the outputs. At present, data science technology is known as the most overwhelming technology. The reason is that the technology works on the data. The question arises: what is the data? The data can be about anything. The data can be about people, cities, machines, the stock market, etc.

In general, the working of the data science training in Bangalore can be summed up in four steps. They are listed below:

  • Collection of the data

In this phase, the data is collected from different resources. The data of the collection is known as the toughest phase. It is not very easy to gather data of the people from them.

  • Analysis of the data

In this phase, the data which has been collected is now analyzed. However, all the data which is collected is not useful. The data scientists have to squeeze out useful information from it. After this, it is analyzed how the data can be used for effective results.

  • Processing of the data

In this phase, the analyzed data is processed. This phase includes operations like storage of the data, making models based on the data, etc.

  • Output

After all these phases, the final result is deployed to the customer.


The data science technology may not be understood by all people through its definition. Here are some real-world examples of the data science technology which makes the meaning of this technology clear. They are listed below:

  • Suggestions we get on online shopping websites

While shopping, we get suggestions for relevant products we are searching for. These suggestions come because of data science technology. The online shopping websites collect and analyze the data of their customers. Based on the data, they understand the shopping pattern of their customers and show suggestions to each user.

  • Weather forecasting

We see weather forecasting on our mobile phones. The data scientists analyze the present weather conditions and the data of the past few years. Based on the data, they recognize a pattern of weather. In this way, they predict weather conditions for the next few days.

These were two real-world examples of data science technology, however, there are many more.


Apart from the applications of data science techniques in the market, this technology is a fascinating career option too. Data science would be the best career option for technical students at present. This is because the whole market is running on data science technology and it has a bright future. But there are some prerequisites for this technology. The person should know the Python programming language and the concepts of mathematics must be clear.


Data Science Course in Bangalore. There are many sub-technologies present in it, for example, machine learning, artificial intelligence, etc. Many online tutorials are available for data science technology. Students can join these courses.

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