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Details On Stocks At NASDAQ AEIS

NASDAQ is a stock exchange company based in New York. It mainly focuses on technology companies. In 1971, NASDAQ meant the “National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations.” The NASDAQ Composite Index – one of the largest stock indices in the world – comes from this exchange. The index features many top companies and includes more than 3300 listings. NASDAQ’s dramatic evolution has led it to be the second-largest exchange in the world. It is the world’s first electronic stock exchange. This means that its trades take place on an online platform rather than with dealers trading in person. It offers many options for trades if you are a person who buys or sells equities. It is the stock exchange for AEIS. NASDAQ: AEIS at provides information on the stocks and the latest news updates.

Advanced Energy Industries, Inc.

Advanced Energy Industries, Inc. (AEIS) is an American company that engineers the world’s most advanced power supplies and develops solutions for industrial and semiconductor manufacturers. The company aims to enable the clients to access the precision, power, and performance that their applications need. It also develops control technologies for the manufacture of flat panel displays, industrial coatings, solar cells, data storage products, architectural glass, medical devices, and more. The company develops, manufactures, and sells solutions that transform power into usable forms like manufacturing and industrial processes or instrumentation and measurement. They have successfully used their precision power and control technologies with expertise in the field of technology to ignite the spark of innovation all around the world since 1981.

Stock Summary

The present range of the company in the stock market is $77.97 and the 52-week range is at $33.38-$81.91. The revenue of AEIS has grown by 93.88% over the last year, which beats the revenue growth of94.06% of other US companies. The company has received a consensus rating of ‘Buy’. Its average rating is 2.67, with double the number of buy ratings than hold ratings. According to analysts, the company has the potential for an upside of 3.2% from its current $77.97.

The annual sale of the company is a large amount of $788.95 million and the cash flow is at $2.91 per share. The market cap now is $2.99 billion. The next earnings date of NASDAQ: AEIS is estimated to be on 11October 2020. The stock of the company has increased by 50.6% since the declaration of COVID-19 as a pandemic in March. As of the third-quarter earnings guidance, the company provided earnings of $0.90 to $1.40 per share guidance for the period. This way, the company issued revenue guidance of $325 million to $375 million. Clients must do research about the company they want to invest in. You can find sites where you can ask any queries like penny stocks to buy. Disclaimer: The analysis information is for reference only and does not constitute an investment recommendation.