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Presenting AJO SACHA- the best virus protection plant

As the world has been gripped by the deadly curse of the catastrophic corona, life and businesses have come to a standstill because of the lockdowns imposed by the nations globally. Now as in the Peru Pachamama temple, there were guests stranded who had come for the ayahuasca therapy. It is indeed very less than fortunate that so many lives around the globe has been lost simply because there is no medicine or vaccine available.  What are we to think? It is nature’s way of rebelling against the atrocities done or the karmic retribution of mankind? Leaving aside the philosophies, let us get down to work to save the guests here.

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Since centuries, the Amazon rainforest have allured us with the magical benefits of the ayahuasca medicines and the psychedelic tea which when consumed by the modern society people provides many benefits to physical and mental ailments.  Similarly, the Ajo sacha plant has been hailed by the indigenous tribes of the Shipibo clan as having antiviral effect on any such disease since centuries. As there have quite a lot of covid 19 cases officially and yet there has been no aggravations at the healing center , it can safely credited to the healing properties of the ajo sacha plant. It has been reported to counter any kind of diseases caused by flues or viruses. However before reading on, please be assured that it is not being claimed that this is an antidote to the pandemic but it did produce positive effects.

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This plant is one meter in height and has both masculine as well as feminine parts. This plant has a prominent fragrance with the female plant having large leaves along with male plant having small leaves. There are lots of beautiful flowers which are violet in color and also it has a lot of seeds which are cast on the ground. Unlike ayahuasca which can be drunk as a tea or brew, the ajo sacha plant has a lot of variations which can be put to use. You can consume as a potion like the yage or even use in a scented bathtub like a floral bath. The ajo sacha can be inhaled in through the nose or the leaves can be smelt or the plant evaporated. The side effects may include sense dizziness and excitement. If you smell it, you can experience breathless as the odor is quite strong. You can come to know the preparations of the tea through the encyclopedia of psychoactive plants featured on