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Learn More About Doublelist: Can Hookup Become Serious Relationship?

Being in a purely-sexual relationship comes with numerous benefits. It does not matter if it was a one-time romance, one-night stand, or if you agreed to be friends with benefits because you can enjoy physical connection, which will bring you enjoyment.

However, these casual moments can quickly turn into emotions, which will lead to serious relationships.

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The main idea is to determine whether your potential partner is worthy of monogamous arrangements, regular phone sessions, and falling in love; then, you should make it official.

It is vital to remember that it is common for the purely-physical relationship to become severe and something more. Since we cannot control the ways our hearts will treat people around us, the process will require some time.

Still, it will happen if you share things with a person you enjoy hanging out with. We will show you the ways casual sex can turn into a serious relationship.

Different Types of Casual Sex

You probably understand by now that relationships feature two unique and individual people. Therefore, we cannot provide you with a formula forhow it happens because no one can predict the future.

However, it is crucial to understand more about the relationship type you have with a casual partner.

According to experts, we can differentiate three types of casual relationships.

  • No Strings Attached – This type includes casual sex with a stranger you met in the last hour. Of course, you may have noticed someone weeks ago, but you have found an opportunity that may lead to a one-night stand. Generally, this option means you will not attach afterward. On the other hand, you may develop a romantic interest, which means you will start regularly having sex with the same person. If it happens, you should go with the flow and discuss whether you wish to remain in the same no-strings-attached circle or choose a more severe approach.
  • Friends With Benefits – Compared with no-strings-attached options, friends with benefits are technical relationships. You may start it with your social media friend or a real friend you have known for years now. It can happen with your real friend, which means it does not have to end badly for both sides.
  • Sex With Ex – Finally, you can find someone you feel more familiar with, especially if you were in a relationship in the past. Therefore, numerous exes decide to re-engage with each other, even though they are not together. Of course, having sex with an ex comes with multiple pitfalls, which is why we recommend you to meet new people instead.

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Why Should You Have a Casual Sex?

It is vital to bring novelty into your life. Meeting new people can get you an extra excitement you cannot share with people you know.

At the same time, casual intimacy will make you feel more attractive, boost your self-confidence, and bring you an additional knowledge about your sexuality.

Each person wants specific things, which means individuals come with unique emotional makeup and life history. Therefore, the response to casual sexual behavior varies from person to person.

The main idea is to reach a severe relationship after you discover that you are not just into sex but think of your partner as a person. As a result, you enjoy getting to know each other, spending time together, and going on dates.

That way, an emotional bond will lead to a committed relationship in the future. Besides, intercourse is important because it inspires us to be close to each other. Being intimate is another level of enjoyment you can share with someone you enjoy being with.

Studies have shown that the health benefits of casual sex depend on numerous factors. For instance, if sexuality will not affect your moral code, the commitments you made to yourself, your sense of integrity, it means you will enjoy it.

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However, it comes with certain problems to specific people because it is essential to be open about yourself and how you feel. Therefore, they are taking a step back while choosing a causal relationship instead of a committed one.