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Finding The Right Golf Ball For Your Game

There are many facets to the golfing game that require knowledge and the right equipment for the greatest success.  Most people would consider having the right clubs to be paramount to this success and having those items does help.  An often overlooked item in the club bag is the golf ball itself with many people figuring that most golf balls are generic in quality.  You sometimes see commercials for golf balls during television tournaments that hype up the long drives that you get from these balls.  The manufacturers market that they’ve done vast amounts of research to deduce that their golf ball goes the furthest above all others.  Is this great ad copy?  Or are these statements true?  The great thing about technology is that you can conduct this research yourself with a good quality golf launch monitor.

Golf Ball Research

Researching different golf balls is a simple matter with a golf launch monitor as you have the ability to capture data with every shot.  The simplest way to do this would be to set up camp at a driving range and bring a variety of golf balls with you to try out.  Granted, you have to be okay with losing your capital investment as you won’t be able to retrieve your golf balls from the range after you’ve hit them.  A good way to look at it would be that this is an investment into finding the right golf ball for your game and you’ll be repaid in lower scores and overall improvement.

The Importance Of Data

The golf launch monitor has a high-speed camera that oversees every facet of the shot.  The monitor will provide data on each shot (angle, speed, etc.) and you can keep track of how far each shot goes at the range.  It’s a good idea to have someone with you to jot down the distances that each golf ball achieves.  After you’ve completed your session at the range, you can then go home and do the real research with the data compiled from the monitor.  You can pore over which golf ball provided the fastest speed off of the tee and which golf ball had the best angle.  You can then correlate this data with the distances to deduce which brand of golf ball best fits your driving game.


Driving is an important facet of the overall picture in golf and having help to improve that facet is a good thing.  Why leave golf ball research to the golf ball manufacturers when you can do this research yourself?  With the advancements in technology, you can employ professional help with a golf launch monitor to oversee your game and take it to the next level.