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Why Should We Recycle Mattress and How Does it Work?

You can make a good quality mattress last but it still needs replacement after using it for a handful of years. Getting a new mattress is pretty simple for most of us but what is difficult is disposing of the old one. It is a pretty daunting task that is made simpler by the mattress recycling companies today. They arrange the pick-up and recycling process through local councils but the rates highly depend on where you stay. Let us understand more about the process and why more of us should prefer opting for it.

What are the benefits of mattress recycling?

Around 15-20 million mattresses are bought yearly in the UK and 40 million in the US. Also, around 10 million mattresses are discarded by the UK in a year and the USA discards about 15 million. This huge number definitely makes a prick in the environment and they need a lot of space for disposal. They approximately need one and half billion feet of the landfill space a year. They are composed of both organic as well as inorganic materials where the organic ones decay with time while the synthetic materials stay just the way they are. Also, these mattresses contain a lot of chemicals like bleaches and dyes and these cause ground pollution. Recycling the mattresses indirectly help animals and plants to stay healthy.

How does this work?

This process is a lot simpler than you can think.

  • The process begins by cutting the top layer of the mattress and the interior materials are separated and peeled.
  • The interior materials are then pulled apart and are divided based on their different types.
  • The soft materials like the foam are then baled. They are compressed and transported to other companies to get reused.
  • The other metal and reusable fillings are taken out to be sent to other factories.

And that is it. The mattress recycling is no magic. The process makes the productive use of the technology to save the environment.

How is a new one created?

The steel springs and the bed frames from the previous one are melted down. This creates the new building materials at much lesser cost. The foam from the inside can be used to make carpet overlays and the wood is shredded down into landscaping mulch.

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