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Announce Your Engagement with a Beautiful Save-the-Date Card

Just got engaged? It’s time to break the wonderful news to your family and friends, and the best way to do is – sending a beautifully crafted save-the-date card. Your friends and family will not only get your wedding announcement but also know details like the date, venue, and the most important fact that they are going to be part of your wedding.

What are the basic rules you have to know while sending the save-the-date card?

  • The time: There’s no particular rule saying that you need to send the card at so-and-so time. Don’t send it too early, and it might entirely slip off from your guests’ minds. Don’t send it too late, and your invitees may not be able to make it. As a general rule of the thumb, sending save the date cards finding best 6 months prior to the wedding is the best. This will give your guests plenty of them to plan their leaves from work, make travel arrangements and other planning that needs to be done.
  • Information to Include: Just provide pertinent information like the wedding date, the probable venue even if you haven’t booked it yet, your wedding website (if you have one), your contact details
  • Electronic or Paper: Though it is easier to send out save-the-date emails, it’s a little impersonal and heavens forbid, may get filtered into your invitee’s spam folder. So, a paper save-the-date card is always the way to go. You can customize it to whatever design you have in mind, and it need not be expensive. Adding a personal touch will always make your guests feel special and your Big Day more memorable.
  • The Invitee List: Make sure you send the save-the-date cards to people you are absolutely sure about inviting to your wedding. It’s always better to send the save-the-dates to a smaller list than you might actually be thinking of inviting to your wedding. That way you can be sure that everybody who has received your save-the-date card is going to make the final guest list.