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Does Cannabis Help Fight Cancer?

Hash, marijuana, skunk, grass, cannabis – Yes, the beautiful, green plant has many names in the famous world. Anyone who is familiar with the subject has undoubtedly encountered the claim that cannabis helps against cancer. This is true – but grass is illegal in much of the world’s countries. But there is another way – cannabis oil! While it isn’t proven yet that CBD oil can treat cancer patients, research is already in ongoing.

What is Cannabis Oil?

Cannabis is the term for all substances derived from the marijuana plant; Cannabis Sativa. Marijuana contains two elements that are important for the dosage of cannabis oil: THC and CBD.

THC is the substance that has psychoactive, euphoric effects – meaning the content that affects the intake. The sum of THC varies widely in different products. All THC products have in common that they are illegal in some countries. THC is considered a drug. CBD, however, not. The CBD doesn’t possess the euphoric effect of THC, but it contains all the other effects of cannabis.

For medical use, however, some products contain THC that can be used. It only requires that the doctor himself prescribe the product to the patient.

Cannabis oil is the common name for oils present in hemp plant. The oil is typically taken in the conformation of drops and can assume a thick oil consensus, or it is golden and liquid. It depends on how it is produced.

That’s Why Cannabis and Cancer can be Mentioned in Context

“Cannabis can cure cancer!”, Remains an exaggeration that comes mainly from the hardcore hash fans like Zenabis Medical Marijuana. But this statement can have a greater truth than you would ever think. Currently, cannabis oil can effectively relieve the pain of cancer patients.

It is hoped that cannabis and cannabis oil can be used not only to relieve cancer pain but also as real anticancer drugs. Currently, this is being researched in several facilities around the world, but at present, the Cancer Control recommends cannabis oil for relief of pain, for example in chemotherapy expert says that cannabis possesses a beneficial effect on some patients for whom standard treatment doesn’t function optimally.