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E-juices without nicotine is better-How?

There are quite a number of e-0juices in the market that are capable of satisfying the varied needs and expectations of both a first-timer as well as experience smokers of tobacco cigars.  If e-cigars can be classified in different ways based on the nicotine content, the main ingredient used, etc, there seems to be an increased preference both among first-time users as well as smokers to opt for e-juices with 0% nicotine content.  While this might be surprising, you would not be quite surprised if you get to know the advantages that a 0% nicotine content E-liquid Mate offers.

The advantages

 There are a number of advantages. The most noteworthy among them include

Enhanced Flavour

As you know about 95% of the e-liquid is made of Propylene Glycol or Vegetable Glycerine. The rest is meant for flavoring and nicotine put together. When you opt for 0%nicotine content e-juice, the flavoring that is used in the e-juice would be slightly more than that in an e-liquid with nicotine. Therefore, the dilution of flavor in e-liquid without nicotine would be less which means a flavorful and relaxing vaping experience.

 Smoother vaping

The throat hit tends to be high in the case of e-juice with high levels of nicotine.  But, when there is less amount of nicotine especially 0% of it,  can provide a smoother throat hit and could be quite satisfying to those who prefer or enjoy the tactile aspect of vaping.

Better and bigger clouds

Vaping e-liquids with 0% nicotine and vegetable glycerine as the main ingredient can produce bigger and better clouds. this is very important for a satisfying and relaxing vaping session. Since the cloud formed dissipate quickly and is environment-friendly too, the e-juices without nicotine content can be an ideal choice.

There are many other advantages like reducing allergic reactions, preventing coughs, etc,  which make 0% nicotine e-juices a great choice.