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Types of Kitchen Sink Faucets That Suit Your Kitchen

The faucet in your kitchen sink is an extremely valuable piece with a lot of functionality. It also has the potential to have a major impact on your overall kitchen design. But people often tend to overlook that and fail to be serious about picking the best kitchen sink faucet. Check out the top innovative kitchen sink faucet designs to make the right choice:

1.   Wall Mount Kitchen Faucet

A wall mount faucet is the most basic choice suitable for retro as well as contemporary kitchens. They come with hot and cold water supplies fixed behind the wall and pop out over the wash basin. You can choose from wall mount faucets with crossheads or lever handles.

If you want a retro touch in your kitchen, wall mount faucets with a bridge or three-hole approach will seem appealing. But modern wall mount tops feature monobloc levers. If you are going for these faucets, you will have to seek professional help for installation.

2.   Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet

A pull-down kitchen faucet is extremely popular with a tall spout. A spring or hose usually connects the spout to the base of the faucet. It enables the spout to be easily pulled out and guided in the direction of the sink. These types of kitchen faucets are ideal if you have to wash a large number of utensils every day.

A pull-down faucet faucet comes in multiple styles that make it easy to adjust the water pressure. If you have L-shaped or U-shaped modular kitchens, pull-down faucets are an excellent choice. While black seems like an intriguing color for pull-down kitchen faucets, you can choose from a plethora of other hues.

3.   Single Lever Mixer

A single lever mixer is a convenient choice for kitchens. It enables you to mix the water and turn the faucet on or off using just one lever. You can use just one hand or finger to make the faucet function. If you want to avoid touching the mixer with soapy or greasy hands, you can even use your elbows to operate.

The ease of using it makes it suitable for people with mobility issues. These mixers have a unique charm and will help amp up your straight modular kitchen.

4.   Double Lever Mixer

A double lever sinker will contain one lever on each side of the pillar. The two handles are responsible for controlling the hot or cold water supply separately. You can use both levers to combine hot and cold water and get a smooth flow.

The neck swinging to different sides make it easy to use. A double lever mixer usually has a fixed nozzle, but you might even spot a pull-out nozzle in some. With their traditional and classic appearance, double lever mixers are perfect for semi-modular kitchens.

5.   Spout Kitchen Faucet

A spout faucet will give your kitchen an extraordinary look and make your cleaning job easier. The swiveling spout in these faucets ensures a good flow of water all the time. A spout faucet is usually made out of highly durable materials. For instance, you can pick from stainless steel kitchen spouts with a unique luster.

6.   Touchless Faucet

The use of advanced technology is an integral part of modern kitchen design. From a parallel modular kitchen to an acrylic modular kitchen, touchless faucets are becoming a popular choice everywhere. As the name indicates, you don’t need to touch the faucet to turn it on.

These technologically-advanced faucets get activated via a sensor. They are ideal for preventing the spread of germs and bacteria in the kitchen. You will come across touchless faucets in different styles to complement the overall appearance of your kitchen.

Ending Note

An appropriate faucet design will bring a touch of modernity and elegance to your kitchen. You will be able to explore different innovative faucet designs to give your kitchen a fresh appearance. Check out the different kitchen sink faucets from Kohler and make your pick now!