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Teeth Grinding in Children – Causes, Symptoms, and Remedies for Bruxism

Studies have shown that almost 30% of the overall population suffers from bruxism. This is not a healthy habit and continuous teeth grinding can lead to teeth damage or even complete damage to the top layer of the dental lining. Nowadays this issue known as bruxism is even noticed in children belonging to all ages.

The famous Cypress TX pediatric dentist Dr. Sima Soltani working for Orion Dental Specialties has explained that teeth grinding in children can lead to many dental issues in the future years. The best way of avoiding such chances is by making sure that the issue is noticed at the early stages. This dentist has explained many symptoms of teeth grinding in children and you can learn them by visiting their official webpage.

Why a Child Grinds Its Teeth 

Many instances can lead to bruxism in children. This is not an exclusive issue in adults and can be noticed in children as well. Here are some causes that can lead to teeth grinding in children.

· Anxiety and Stress 

Stress has a way of making people do things that they are not aware of. The same goes for children too. The young ones often feel stressed because of academic work, grades, disturbances in families, and so on, and this can lead to the development of bruxism in them. Many times, this issue goes unnoticed by parents because of their daily stress.

Sometimes, a child feels anxious when it is their exam time or when they are about to face judgment from their parents because of their naughty behavior. This cause can also lead to bruxism.

· Mental Health Issues 

Some mental issues such as Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), or some headaches or migraines can lead to bruxism in children.

· Sleep-Related Disorders 

Some of the abnormal sleeping patterns can lead to bruxism in children. The chances of such abnormal pattern include parasomnias, snoring, breathing, sleep-related disorders, and so on.

·  Pain Response 

The time of teething in children is like a painful time for them. They feel constant itching in their gum and feel the urge to bite anything and everything to get relief from this pain. This issue can also lead to the grinding of the teeth.

·  Partial Smoking Problems 

Some adults follow the habit of smoking when their children are present in any environment. Such partial intake of smoke can lead to bruxism in children.

· Dental Problems 

Some dental issues such as misaligned teeth or crooked teeth are common in children. This abnormal teething condition can make children feel like grinding their teeth all the time. The installation of orthodontic devices onto the dental layer can also make children develop bruxism.

Signs of Teeth Grinding 

Here are some signs indicating that your child has developed bruxism, as per the pediatric dentist Cypress TX.

  • Damages in the dental layer because of the wearing down of teeth, fractures, or even receding gums.
  • Sensitivity for some hot or cold food and drinks because of constant grinding.
  • Headaches and pain in the jaw continuously in children.
  • Sounds of grinding and clicking of teeth during the nighttime can be noticed in the baby monitors.
  • Soreness in the jaw during mornings after your child wakes up from its sleep.
  • Your child will start avoiding chewy or hard food items because of the soreness in the dental region.
  • Exhibiting irritating behavior by your child all the time.

If you notice any or many of these symptoms, then it is time to speak to your child about what exactly is going on with their dental health. Some children might not feel comfortable talking to their parents. If your child is one such baby, then take him/her to the nearby pediatric dentist, after searching for a pediatric dentist near me in the search tools.

Treating the Bruxism Issue 

Many solutions can help you treat the problem of bruxism in your child. Make your child feel relaxed and focused on something or anything that can get it to sleep peacefully.

This will not only remove stress from their little mind, but can also stop the chances of teeth grinding during the nighttime. You can even take the help of the night guards for children to avoid grinding.