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Lash Extensions for Lush Long Lashes

One of the best-kept secrets in Hollywood is eyelash extensions for actresses and entertainers. Through salons and spas, women create dramatic looks with fake eyelashes and extensions. A professional LVL lashes beautician can apply the lashes, which last approximately six weeks with normal wear. No chemicals or solvents should be applied to care for artificial lashes: Since they are bonded with an adhesive similar to hair extensions, it takes a while for them to “set” for a strong hold.

The first 24 hours after the application of lash extensions is the most crucial. Each eyelash is placed individually, making it essential to stay out of pools and showers for the setting period. It would help if you also avoided oily makeup; instead, opt for water-based foundations and eye shadows.

You might not be featured on the cover of a magazine, but women still like to look their best. With the development of both lash extensions and hair extensions, women can find the look that makes them feel youthful and attractive. Some may say it’s superficial to want to improve one’s looks; however, boosting self-esteem is a great way to be confident in other areas of life when you know you look attractive.

Along with artificial lashes, there are also airbrushing techniques for adding colour to skin as well as permanent tattooing for lining lips and eyes. Finding the right combination of makeup techniques for your needs is a matter of researching new techniques and implementing the one or two that help you personally.

When choosing the right extensions, there are more choices than might – literally in this case – meet the eye. The three most common types of eyelash extensions are regular lash extensions, mink extensions and Russian lash extensions. The process of applying individual lash extensions can be extremely time-consuming, as each individual extension is applied to each individual eyelash. This procedure can also be expensive. In contrast, in terms of ease, you can get strip lash extensions, often called false lashes.

Strip lash extensions tend to last a fortnight on average, are much cheaper and are commonly used for those attending special events. The cluster lash extensions are clumps of lashes formed in a ‘v’ shape and save time as several eyelash extensions can be applied at once. There is also choice in terms of the length and density of the lashes.

Another choice that needs consideration when choosing eyelash extensions is the material they are made with. It is possible to get lashes made from natural human hair that has been sanitised, although perhaps more common are synthetic eyelash extensions made from quality materials that are safe for the skin. Other options include silk and mink lashes, and it is even possible to have an eyelash transplant these days if you can afford it.

Eyelash transplant surgery is used to enhance the appearance of sparse lashes. Unlike extensions, this procedure offers permanent results if performed accurately by a board-certified surgeon.

While lash transplant surgery may sound daunting, experts assure us it isn’t as scary as people often think. The procedure involves transferring hair from a part of your body to the eyelash area.