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Why Synthetic Grass Is a Must for Summer 2019

Synthetic grass doesn’t need water. That means that you don’t need to water it, install a sprinkler system, or hope that it rains. Since it’s an artificial grass product it simply doesn’t require water. Your town can go through a draught and you will still have a beautiful yard. This will also save you a bundle of money, because watering your lawn really pads your water bill. You’ll really be pleased when your water bill goes down after having synthetic grass installed reports .

Synthetic Grass Doesn’t Need to be Mowed

Synthetic grass doesn’t grow, so it never needs to be mowed. That will save you a tremendous amount of time, as most natural grass lawns need to be mowed at least once a week. You’ll also save money if you are paying a landscaper to mow it for you. Once you have synthetic grass installed you can sell your lawnmower and weed wacker. You’ll be pleased to see how easy it is to maintain a synthetic grass, because you’ll hardly be lifting a finger.

Synthetic Grass Doesn’t Need to be Weeded

Synthetic grass lawns are usually free of weeds because weeds have a hard time thriving in a synthetic lawn. For one, there is not soil, for two, there is a strong weed barrier, for three, it never gets watered. Weeding is no fun and you won’t have to worry about once you have synthetic grass installed.

Synthetic Grass Doesn’t Need Insecticides

Synthetic grass doesn’t need insecticides, fertilizers, or herbicides. This means you will have an all natural lawn as soon as you have synthetic grass installed. This is important if you spend a lot of time in your yard with your dog. You’ll reduce your exposure to landscaping chemicals by a long shot.

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