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What Kind of jewelry Items Would You Choose under the Right Circumstances?

Declaring your love for a woman, what a thing so easy to do when you think about it and so difficult to achieve in reality. So what to do when our heart burns, our breaths short, and the words do not come out and we endlessly come back to talking about something else? Giving a piece of jewelry as a gift can be a good solution, but not just any piece of jewelry, it must be discreet enough not to shock but also not completely innocent. This is where comes Alexander Sparks with finest variety of jewelry items.

Here are some simple tips and examples as part of our “choosing a piece of jewelry for a gift” file:

A Piece Of Jewelry Should Be Neither Too Expensive Nor Too Little.

If it is a declaration of love, it has to be a piece of jewelry that is of good quality, that she can wear it for a long time and hopefully with you in mind. Our advice: go for solid silver jewelry as a minimum, indeed they can be affordable, but will never trigger allergies and wear out slowly without losing their shine while the “silver metal” will be damaged very quickly. For example, a pendant like this in amber and solid silver costs only ten euros.

Choosing Between Necklace, Bracelet, Ring Or Earrings?

No miracle, observe her habits:  if the woman of your dreams wears more bracelets than earrings or rather necklaces, you know what to do. Advantage of the bracelet: a girl will have it in front of her eyes and will think of you upon seeing it.

Beware Of Allergies

Silver, gold, vermeil, do not trigger allergies, common steel does. For the earrings, check if she regularly wears earrings for pierced ears, otherwise forget. And here again, favor precious metals, the ears are certainly the part of the body where low-end metals are least supported. Be careful with gold or silver plating, the plating is a very thin layer and allergy can occur. The safe values ​​are therefore gold, silver, vermeil, rhodium silver. To our knowledge, rhodium is a precious metal that does not trigger allergies either.

Rather Gold or Silver?

In theory we do not mix gold and silver in an outfit. Some girls only wear gold and some only wear silver. Here again, observe what she is wearing and think of Vermeil (gold-plated silver) at very good value for money.

What Size for the Rings?

The ring is also complicated, how do you know which finger she wants to wear it on and the size she needs, so choose adjustable rings but finding an adjustable silver ring is not so easy.

Not Too Big, Don’t Intimidate Him.

Both in terms of size and in terms of price avoid jewelry that is too big or too expensive. Unless you are known to her for your significant fortune, avoid diamonds and other too precious stones to reserve for affordable engagement rings and wedding rings. Ditto for oversized jewelry, and even for a girl who wears very showy jewelry, wait until you are intimate to possibly take more risks in your gifts. Example of a jewel to avoid for a first gift even if it is superb.

Rebecca Romijn Launched a Jewelry Line, and It's Super Chic | National Jeweler

With jewelry on the theme of the heart or love: at least the message is clear. No need to talk about love when offering a heart-shaped jewel to a woman, the message is more than obvious and often better said than one could. No ambiguity, whether or not she accepts the jewel, the beautiful will often tend to make you understand quickly whether hope is allowed or not.

History of the Jewel

Since very distant times, the jewel has been synonymous with wealth, power or seduction. The more precious the metal or the stones, the greater the finesse of the work performed, the more expensive the jewelry and conveys a strong message. The first jewels date from the Paleolithic, a little over 100,000 years ago, and are the forerunner of the first aesthetic concerns: first of all the shells or animal teeth are pierced and intended for the manufacture of necklaces. Subsequently, it is the shaping of hard animal materials (bones, wood, and teeth, ivory) which gradually appear. The jewel is an element chosen and shaped no longer for its usefulness but for its power of representation.

The first pierced shells that we have been able to find date back to -100,000 to -135,000 years ago, discovered in the Skhul cave in Israel. These traces, as well as those found in Oued Djebbana in Algeria (dating from -90,000 years) are the oldest, but new discoveries regularly come to enrich this knowledge about our ancestors. If the Neolithic that followed saw the development of great finesse in working with materials, a major turning point was especially taken at the end of the period when man began to work with metals. The jewel has therefore always conveyed a message. It is very often an indication of belonging (the engagement ring or the wedding ring are the most striking example). It can serve as an embellishment and therefore has a role of seduction. He can also define a social rank according to the cost or the working time of the jewels displayed.

How To Choose A Jewel According To Its Tastes Or Its Morphology?

First of all, if we want to make the right choice, we will base ourselves on what our partner usually wears. Does she like silver or gold jewelry? Rather fancy or precious jewelry? Does she have any favorite stones? Rather romantic, floral or ethnic, graphic? Above all, you have to be observant to understand your tastes. However, nothing prevents us from offering him something else if we think it may please him. An important point on the choice of the jewel will be to take into account its morphology. Offering fine and discreet jewelry to a thin and slender young woman is a very good idea, or a single strong and imposing piece to associate with finer jewelry. These are generalities which may however not be observed. An accumulation of small, thin pieces can be very interesting. A small downside on the earrings: does she have pierced ears? If so, we will be careful with allergies because some costume jewelry can be allergenic, in which case she would only wear gold or platinum to avoid them.