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What Is A Mobile Air Conditioning?

Gone are the days when a personal fan or simply sitting on the porch was all you needed to cool down. These days, there are many devices available to keep you appropriately cool, and a mobile air conditioner is one of them. This device makes in-room cooling easier than it used to be. Mobile air conditioners are a great alternative to air conditioning units. However, most people don’t understand what it is and how it works. Below is a breakdown of mobile air conditioning to give you a better view of this cooling method.

A mobile air conditioner is an air conditioning unit alternative that gets rid of warm air from the room using a hose. This hose is connected to a window to get rid of the warm air, so the room remains cool. As the name implies, mobile air conditioners are movable. Many mobile air conditioner models are made with caster wheels for easy mobility. Some mobile air conditioner comes with a hose or two, and they work alone so you can simply move it between rooms. Unlike the traditional air conditioning unit, the mobile air conditioner is easily installed by anyone who owns it.

Mobile air conditioning is functional when you only need to cool some rooms or a specific space in your home. It is also ideal for cooling hot spots or areas that need some devoted cooling. If your in-built air conditioning unit fails, mobile air conditioning is always an emergency alternative.

How Does It Work?

A mobile air conditioner works the same way as a window or central air conditioner. The cooling power comes from a refrigerant gas which is pumped through a closed tubing coil. The refrigerant absorbs the heat from the area on one end of the coil. At the other end, it gives off the cool air to the surrounding space. Mobile air conditioning blows cooled and dehumidified air into the area through the cold end of the coil. It dehumidifies the environment by condensing the suspended moisture vapor in the air. The moisture falls off the coil into a pan that flows through a drain or helps to cool the hot part of the coil.

On the other end, the air blowing on the coil’s hot rear is discharged into a hose that leads outdoors through a window in the room. Most mobile air conditioners come with one hose, while some feature two hoses. Those with a single hose take in air to cool from the environment and let it out through the hot end leading outdoors. Mobile air conditioning units with two hoses are more complex and tend to be pricier. While one hose takes in the outdoor air, cools it, dehumidifies it, and sends it into the room. The second hose discharges hot air out of the room. Mobile air conditioning units help to limit the risk of releasing cool air outdoors.