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What are the free things to do in Dubai?

Dubai is known for its five-star luxury hotels and huge shopping malls that attract tourists from all around the world. With so many things to do no one can be bored at this amazing place. However, as well all know Dubai can be expensive and we all look for some entertainment that we can enjoy for free. Here we have compiled a list of a few things that one can do for free when staying in Dubai.

1. Aquaventure Waterpark

At Atlantis Palm, you can visit the Aquaventure waterpark for free on one day of the year that is your birthday. If you register on the website on your birthday you will get free entry which is valid from the date of your birthday to the next 6 days and can be sued only once. Given the regular price of the Aquaventrue, it is surely one of the most valuable deals that you can enjoy. You can Find free things to do in Dubai to explore the city.

2. Coffee Museum Dubai

This is kind of a museum/shop with all things about coffee. It is located in a villa in the Al Fahidi neighbourhood and narrates the history of the coffee with old coffee artefacts including the 300-year-old coffee pot. You will find old books about coffee, old coffee advertisements and the whole museum is filled with a lovely aroma of fresh coffee beans. Entry is free but one must get a fresh cup of coffee brewed at this place to enjoy the real flavour of the coffee.

3. Riding an Abra

Well, this isn’t free but is as good as being free. They are one of the best value money experiences. You can hop on one of these wooden boats and sail down the creek taking the great view of old and new Dubai. There are abra stations from where you can be picked up and dropped off. Get a Budget Friendly Dubai Travel Agency to book your plan in a smart way that saves you money.

4. AlSerkalAvenue

Dubai looks all shiny and skyscrapers from the outside, but if you delve deeper you will get to witness the diversified culture and lots of it remains inside the AlSerkal Avenue. The gallery is free to enter and you can roam around witnessing the art stopping in for a hot or cold drink at the coffee shops.