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Tips for washing mosque carpets:

Always use your vacuum cleaner to clean the surface of a mosque carpet. This will ensure that no dust will be left behind, which can damage your religion and have obvious consequences for your health. Washing mosque carpets is a very important part of the cleaning process. It is preferable to wash the mosque carpets with water because soap and detergents can cause damage to the structure of the carpet.

Follow these simple steps for cleaning mosque carpets. Here are some tips for washing mosque carpets.

Before washing, the mosque carpets  should be allowed to dry out thoroughly. The moisture content of mosque carpets is medium to high; when they are washed there is a possibility of losing their stability and structure. It is therefore necessary to clean them with care.

5 steps to follow when cleaning your mosque carpet: 

First, remove any stains and soil. 

Second, clean it with water and detergent.

 Third, make sure the surface is dry and ready for the next step. 

Fourth, place the residues you removed in the appropriate place. 

Fifth, place a towel on top of it to prevent any further dirt from accumulating

Washing Steps Procedure of Mosque Carpets:

  1. The most important thing when cleaning the carpet is to open a bottle of water and put it on the carpet in between every section so that it gets wet through.
  2. Don’t be rough with your brush or roller; as long as you give a good brushing, there will be no problems with stain removal.
  3. If you want to wash your carpets, it’s best to take them outside and get them dirty rather than using a machine inside the house because of how effective they are at removing dirt and other types of stains. 
  4. You can also use vinegar on your carpets to get better results, but it’s important to make sure it’s diluted first, which can be done by putting water in a spray bottle and putting 1/2 cup of vinegar into it before spraying on your carpet.
  5. Before beginning the process of cleaning a mosque carpet, you must remove any objects lying on the surface. This includes shoes, books, and papers. Then use either a water-loved or liquid soap solution to clean the carpets. It is recommended to use a mild soap that is not abrasive and has natural emulsifiers in it.
  6. Always remove all footwear before entering a mosque. 2. Don’t touch the floor with bare feet as this is where people walk and they might leave hair behind and there are no separate areas for sitting down. 3. Use a soft, absorbent towel and always wipe the same way: from one side of the area to another taking care that you avoid the area behind the pulpit ceiling (prayer niche). 4. If possible vacate any liquids or waste in your shoes as we need to remove any dirt or stains that may have collected on them during your visit to a mosque