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The Most Romantic Christmas Destinations For Couples

Instead of buying cheap christmas gifts for your loved one this christmas or spending a fortune for an object, why don’t you try going on a christmas holiday together.

From the seductive mountain of Pelion to the dazzling Belvedere Palace in Austria, this Christmas can only be spent in the company of your beloved or beloved. Rest together next to wonderful lakes or a fireplace with a winter drink.

There are many places, but there are three romantic destinations for Christmas in Greece and Europe that are higher than the others in the rankings and always steal the hearts of couples.


The breathtaking Pelion is one of the parts of our country that seem made for couples, since each unique landscape is an occasion for escapes through dense vegetation, romantic bridges and the Christmas season is bathed in snow!

There are few nearby destinations from Athens for Christmas that remain classic for so many years now and Pelion, less than three and a half hours, rewards every visitor with a unique experience of mountain tradition, special aromatic dishes and good wine.

At Christmas in Tsagarada, perhaps the most picturesque village in the area, with mansions and guesthouses that blend harmoniously with the architecture of the area and paths for hiking or horseback riding among the colors of nature can unburden even the least romantic among you.


A fairytale town full of castles, cathedrals and Gothic temples, with the fantastic sunset under the snow at Charles Bridge is the ultimate destination for couples during the festive season. Prague is the greatest proof that there are cheap destinations in Europe at Christmas for all couples and for all budgets.

Get lost among rivers and parks, explore museums and hillocks that offer panoramic views of the city. When the sun goes down, walk through the illuminated streets of the Czech capital and drink hot wine in the main square with the Christmas market or continue your evening in a Gothic bar. Feel the energy of a city – dream.


Hot chocolate, high aesthetics and classical music in a city where the arts play a leading role everywhere, from the facades of buildings to food. Vienna is not accidentally one of the top destinations for Christmas, since it impresses with its architecture, picturesque cafes, baroque character, and even cleanliness in its streets. Decorated with the holidays, it invites locals and visitors to fine concerts, illuminated palaces, Christmas markets with drinks and delicacies, and purchases with handmade gifts for your loved ones.

In the Austrian capital everything is done with amazing mastery, as if it were made especially for you and your other half. A destination for Christmas abroad that will transmit its brilliance to you.