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Pet Custody: Who Keeps the Pets After Divorce?

Pets are like family members, especially since this proximity is increasing among families in Ottawa, Canada. They consider the pets as their close family member; therefore, they are regarded as property if involved in any divorce case. However, they are more than that; legally, they are considered property, and the court has to decide who will get the custody. 

In this article, we will study who gets the custody of pets after a couple’s divorce if they were pet parents. So, let’s begin our discussion about pet custody after divorce in Ottawa and also understand who will be the real owners of the pets. 

What is the Dispute of Pets in Divorce Cases? 

When a couple gets divorced, various elements are discussed and divided among them. There is property division, child custody, and other such divisions. Similarly, there is a matter of pet custody as to who will take the custody of a pet, which they both have brought up. 

These cases of pet custody are increasing as people are adopting a large number of pets. If there is a divorce case, being close to the pet, both the members demand custody. Pets are considered property; therefore, the subject is under property division law. 

Who Gets the Custody of Pets? 

This is the most important question of who will get the custody of pets in divorce cases. Pets are considered as their children, and therefore, it becomes difficult for the courts to decide who will get custody. Various factors are considered in these cases so that no injustice is done and the pet is given in the right hands. 

Pets are not given based on who invested in the pet; rather, the factors are who spends more time with the pet, who feeds them, who takes them to the vet, and whose bond is strong with the pet. These are important factors for the judges to decide who will get the pets. 

In child custody cases, judges look for the child’s best interest. Similarly, in pet custody cases, they look for the pets’ best interests. They decide who will be the best person to care for the pet and with whom the pet will be happy. If there are several pets, they might get split among the partners. So, in this way, the pet custody is decided among the partners in divorce cases.