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Five things to keep in mind before buying a fitted wardrobe

The bedroom should be your shelter where you can relax at the end of a long day peacefully. However if your room is tinier and is full of clothes and clutters, relaxing in a room can be hard. That’s where modular wardrobes come into picture. One of the best ways to maximise the storage is by getting built-in or fitted wardrobes.

Freestanding closets complex the issue more, as they do not allow for customisation. Fitted closets can instantly solve your problem, as they offer more storage space, while adapting to your lifestyle or house interior. Moreover, they come in different sizes to suit all sorts of spaces.

Read on to know what you need to keep in mind before choosing a fitted wardrobe.

You are investing on as asset

Unlike freestanding closet, you cannot take this fitted closet with you, when moving into a new place. So it doesn’t mean that you should choose a cheaper one, as your investment is always recovered when you sell or rent your home because of the premium quality storage units. These fitted cupboards are tailor-made solutions, adapting to individual needs and space requirements.

Preparation is the key

Before you begin your hunt, you will have to take some measurements. Determine how much space you’ve in the room, such as ceiling height, adjacent wall width, so that you buy a space-efficient closet. You need to check the floor level, like exact variation or dimensions in floor level so that you buy a flawless design.

No matter where you purchase them, always seek recommendations from your family or friends. Visit showrooms, designer office or studios to ask their portfolios, read online reviews to understand the various products available.

Take time to prepare the room

Don’t decorate the bedroom, before fixing the wardrobe, as it can change the whole dimension. It’s always suggested to paint the wall, once you’ve fitted the wardrobe.

Choose the right designer

If you want the whole process to go as smoothly possible, then select a firm that can manage everything from scratch to end, i.e. from planning to installation. In this way, you can avoid making costly mistakes. These built-in cupboards are long-lasting solution and it’s advised to choose the colour palette before you start adding different furniture pieces. You should have a future-proofed option that can suit your personal tastes down the line too.

Door selection

Consider the shape, size of the room along with your needs to choose wardrobe doors. Sliding doors are great for small rooms, as they do not require much space when being opened. Mirrored doors are becoming quite popular and adding full-length mirror to larger room can give rich look.

The built-in wardrobes are available in a range of interior options, finishes, and styles, while you can also get a unique, customised furniture piece. You can find a huge selection of fitted wadrobe design solutions for your storage purposes and to create practical, yet stylish bedroom interior that’s specially made to suit your tastes.