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Features of Renting a Catamaran for a Graduation Party in Barcelona


Renting a Catamaran

Organizing a graduation party requires significant effort and time investment. It is necessary to choose a venue for the event, arrange catering, and select an entertainment program. Catamarans in Barcelona for graduation parties are an excellent place for celebrations. A large number of graduates prefer this venue for their evening. Planning a party on your own takes a lot of time. Unfortunately, for a person living in the rhythm of modern life, it is not always possible to take on all the responsibilities. Today, many companies offer services for organizing graduation parties on a boat at an attractive cost. Moreover, professionals will make sure that the service is of high quality, and all the key nuances of the party are observed. The cost of renting catamarans can be found in more detail at “Barcelona Boat Rental”.

Boats for Graduation Parties

Renting a catamaran for a graduation party is affordable today. If desired, you can use the “turnkey” services, which in the standard format include:

  • Selection of the optimal suitable vessel, designed for 20 to 80 guests. Route selection. Duration of the cruise is 4-8 hours.
  • Choice of restaurant service (banquet, buffet). You need to decide on the menu, table setting, and service. A festive cake is also provided.
  • Discussion of the entertainment program with the manager – ordering a DJ, performers, etc.
  • Decoration of the hall and deck in the corresponding style.
  • Organization of photo and video shooting.

An individual program can be developed depending on preferences, and non-standard approaches to organizing celebrations are welcomed. The catamaran “Orsom” can be an excellent choice for a graduation party. The rental price starts at 950 euros per hour. The boat is equipped with a galley, six cabins, a spacious semi-open deck, and a climate control system. The banquet hall is designed in a cozy nautical style. All necessary kitchen appliances are available on board. You can celebrate the graduation party with style and taste by renting the catamaran “Sensation S1” for temporary use. This reliable luxury class vessel has a spacious banquet hall for up to 60 people. The interior is classic, in soft, soothing colors. There is a comfortable cabin for the crew. The boat has a heating and air conditioning system. The rental price starts at 700 euros per hour. You can order these boats or others at an attractive cost for a graduation party by using the services of Barcelona Boat Rental. All boats undergo regular technical maintenance, have first aid kits, and are checked before going out on the water. The crew is professional and follows safety procedures. Protective railings are located around the perimeter of the deck.