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End To End Parcel Tracking Service For Small And Large Businesses

Courier companies like DHFL, USPS, or FedEx are successfully running global parcel delivery for all kinds of personal or enterprise packages. Still, people don’t ever pay much attention to them and rather only focuses and praises the online stores like Amazon or eBay where they shop the product from. It is time that these platforms also need to be brought into the limelight.

Every online shopper would be familiar with the live tracking of orders as these major ecommerce websites provide you with the facility to track the order. However, this is not a feature of the e-store, but these courier services providers can track your parcel.

Postal Services Forward The Information To The Stores 

If you are familiar with drop shipping, you would understand this better than the stores also need to know the delivery status of a product as much as a buyer. And it is also not hidden from anyone that people anymore that major e-stores like Amazon, Alibaba, or eBay deliver the product through dropshipping.

Mail carriers pick a parcel from the actual seller and not from any particular large store’s godowns. From there, the store is informed by the courier company that the package is on dispatch now, and a tracking id is generated unless the delivery option is a standard non-delivery one. Once the ecommerce website receives this information, they forward it to the buyer to inform about the dispatch, the mail service provider, tracking id, and expected arrival time.

All Types Of Tracking Managed Before Delivery

  • Initially, a package is recorded for the box’s dimensions and its weight to be verified at various stops before the final destination.
  • Also, the parcel’s live location is maintained on the database through barcode reading and updating the data at each stop.
  • Live updates of the package are provided to the e-store whenever it reaches any storage location meanwhile transportation so that it could be forwarded to the buyer for their satisfaction.

Visit The Mail Carrier’s Website For Additional Updates

Suppose you are not satisfied with the information provided by the ecommerce store. In that case, you can visit the mail carrier’s website, where they could provide you with additional information about the เช็คพัสดุ. For instance, the order tracking feature of Amazon only updates when the parcel arrives or leaves any storage location.

But if you want to track the package for real-time location at any time of the day when it is in dispatch, you should visit the mail carrier’s website. Many delivery agents use GPS-enabled vehicles to deliver your parcels, making it possible to track the parcel in real-time.

In order to track the parcel with the web app or mobile application provided by the mail carrier, you will need the same tracking id that is generated at the time of dispatch, which can be found in an SMS or email sent by your ecommerce store. Choose the right courier company and enter the tracking id to track status.