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DIY: 8 Popular Types of Door Hinges for Your Next Project

Hinges are a particular kind of hardware that connects two door parts — the door and the door frame. There are plenty of options available when it comes to picking out door hinges. The doors security and longevity are dependent on these hinges you choose; the hinge you purchase depends on how it is to be used and what it is intended to be fit to.

Hinge Features

Some hinges can provide you with added quality or protection to your project. For example, the material that the door hinge is made of will contribute to preserving the life of the hinge or be corrosion resistant.

Hinge Materials and Sizes

The UES hinges that an individual selects is driven by the doors location, doorframe, and the direction the hinge swings. Another factor that drives the preference of the hinge is if it will be noticeable or not.

When its time to take that next DIY project on and build your beautiful new kitchen cabinets or improve that front door, you should be happy to know that there is an extensive range of hinges that are available for you to choose from online. Below are 8 of the more popular hinges that are available for you to purchase for your next big project.

Double Spring Action-These spring hinges are mainly needed for dining rooms and kitchen doors. In some cases, they are applied on doors with two-way swaying features and are not recommended for heavy doors.

Ball Bearing Hinge-Because this hinge is lubricated, it provides an easier and smoother door swing and if mostly used on heavy doors.

The Swing & Sway Hinge-This hinge is commonly seen on restaurant doors. Its design offers sideways adjustments to get that perfect alignment.

Flush Hinge-These type of hinges don’t need the corners cut back and are perfect to use for small construction and lightweight doors.

Butt Hinge-Now this hinge is quite possibly used the most out of them all! They are strong, durable and extremely reliable. The pin is the only seeable part of the butt hinge, which gives it a neat appearance.

Concealed Hinge-Normally these hinges can be adjusted as soon as they are installed and just come in a couple of sizes.

Gate Hinges-These hinges usually have longer leafs and are shorter than regular hinges.

Continuous Hinge-These are available in steel or brass and are recommended for doors that require an extended hinge. A continuous hinge dispenses the door’s weight over the hinge’s length.