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Different Types of Sexual Misconduct That Can Violate Title IX

Unfortunately, several people have become a victim of sexual misconduct. In such cases, Title IX is a federal civil rights law meant to prohibit discrimination based on sex or sexual misbehavior in any educational institute. You should click here to learn how an attorney can help you deal with sexual misconduct. 

Every student has a right to avail of education free from discrimination and misbehavior. Title IX ensures that no student is excluded from benefitting or participating in school programs due to misconduct. As a result, different types of behavior fall under Title IX, which you must be aware of. 

Types of activities falling under Title IX: 

  • Sexual harassment

Title IX misconduct will be considered when sexual harassment occurs in an educational institute. Each educational institute must prevent sexual harassment or misbehavior within the program. Any sexual harassment violates Title IX. Sexual harassment often affects people on both physical and mental levels. 

Such incidents often affect one’s education and career significantly. Sexual harassment might occur when one person becomes subject to physical, verbal, or written sexual conduct. If you are a victim of sexual harassment, you must hire a Title IX lawyer. 

  • Sex-based discrimination

Discrimination occurs in many forms, such as color, religion, etc. However, one must not tolerate discrimination in any form. Sexual-based discrimination falls under Title IX when occurring in an educational program. 

The educational program must investigate sex-based discrimination and other allegations to ensure the elimination of sexual discrimination. Sexual discrimination can affect how an individual is treated throughout the educational program. 

  • Sexual violence 

Sexual violence not only takes place in some marriages, but it can also occur in an educational institute. Any physical or sexual act perpetuated against any individual in an academic setting can be termed as sexual violence. 

Sexual violence can occur against a person’s will or consent, wherein the person might be incapable of giving consent. Sexual violence can range from rape, sexual battery, sexual assault, and sexual coercion. Such acts are termed under Title IX. 

  • Sexual advances 

As per law, it is illegal for a school employee or a student to make any sexual or physical advances against other individuals. It might become difficult to know if someone is making a sexual advance against you. In such cases, it will be best to ask the school to investigate the matter thoroughly, as sexual advances fall under Title IX too. Irrespective of any misbehavior, it will be necessary to stop it by hiring a lawyer or asking the school to take strict action.