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Can I get a business loan if I earn from YouTube videos?

Yes, definitely!

If you have a successful YouTube channel that earns you a steady stream of income, you can apply for a business loan as a self-employed individual. Today, several financial institutions provide affordable loans to self-employed professionals despite having irregular monthly income. However, you must consider a few things before approaching a lender, as discussed below.

Eligibility criteria

Different lenders have varying business loan eligibility criteria for self-employed individuals, but typically comprise –

  • Income level
  • Credit score
  • Age limit
  • Business plan
  • Others

So, before filing the application, go through your chosen lender’s eligibility criteria to ensure you meet the requirements. You can get in touch with their representatives beforehand and make a more thorough enquiry. This will help you avoid any troubles later.


Interest rate

Like eligibility criteria, business loan interest rates also differ from one lender to another. So, compare and contrast the rate of interest offered by various lenders and choose the offer you find most suitable. If you have a decent credit score, you can even get a loan at affordable rates, and that’s worth the extra hustle. After all, a lower interest rate always translates to lower EMI payments and vice versa.

Repayment terms

A loan can undoubtedly help you meet your business expenses with ease, but you must also consider your repayment capacity while applying for one. And here, choosing a suitable loan tenure is a must.

Your loan term determines your EMI and interest payments. Here, opting for a shorter tenure means higher installments but you end up saving on the interest payable.

Whereas, a longer tenure means you can lower your EMIs, but will end up paying a higher interest amount in the long run. Therefore, prepare a budget using a business loan EMI calculator and apply for a loan that you can repay comfortably.


To ensure a swift loan process, be a step ahead and prepare the necessary documentation beforehand. While paperwork requirements can differ for lenders, the general documents you need to submit are as follows-

  • Loan application
  • ID proof (Aadhaar card/ Voter ID/ Driving license)
  • PAN card
  • Address proof
  • Income proof
  • Bank statements
  • Business plan

Moreover, with many lenders providing online verification, the documentation process has become much easier and comfortable. Once the verification process is complete, the lending institution will contact you to continue with the loan disbursal.

Additional charges

Like any other loan, business finance also includes additional charges that you need to pay. These can include processing fees, foreclosure charges, part-prepayment penalties, verification charges, and so on. Such payments can add to the overall cost of the borrowing and must not be overlooked. Therefore, read the fine print carefully and know about these charges before applying.

In conclusion

With several lenders offering an online application process, flexible eligibility criteria, and affordable business loan interest rates, you can get a quick loan as a YouTuber. All you need to do is check the eligibility requirements and provide the essential documents, and you’re good to go!