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BDes in Interior Design: Everything You Need to Know

The interior design field is one of the most rapidly growing fields in the world. There is a huge demand for interior designers with in-depth knowledge and skills. One of the top degrees for interior design is a Bachelor’s degree in design with interior design as a specialisation. The BDes degree is one of the most popular degrees in the country currently, with thousands of students opting for the degree every year.

BDes in interior designing is a 4-year undergraduate degree that focuses on the art and science of understanding and developing functional and appealing spaces within a building. The BDes degree teaches students to create a balance between creativity and pragmatics as well as sensitive thinking. If you are interested in interior design and wish to have a successful career, the BDes degree might be the right choice for you.

In this article, all the important aspects of a BDes degree are explained in detail so that you can decide whether the course is right for you.

BDes Interior Design: Highlights

Name of the course BDes in Interior Design
Full-Form of the course Bachelor of Design in Interior Design
Level of the degree Undergraduate level
Duration of the degree The duration of the course is 4 years
Examination Type Mostly examination is semester-wise
Eligibility Criteria Students from any stream with 50% aggregate score in class 12th can apply for the course. Some colleges or universities might have an entrance test for admission.
Admission Criteria Based on merit or entrance exam score
Average Fees for the course 1 lakh to 6 lakhs (depending on the college/university)
Bdes Interior Design Colleges Indian Institute of Art & Design, NIFT, Centre for Design Excellence, etc.
Top Recruiters Tag Concepts, Acropolis, Interia, Bonito Designs, Film Factor, etc.


BDes Interior Design – Eligibility Criteria

If B.Design in interior design is your preferred course, it is essential to understand the eligibility criteria for the course. Here are some of the eligibility criteria you need to fulfil to get admission to one of the BDes interior design colleges:

  • Candidates must have passed the 12th standard from one of the recognised boards in India.
  • Candidate can be from any stream (Arts, Commerce, Science)
  • The aggregate marks required for entry into the course are usually about 50%.
  • Some institutions might have an age limit. The usual limit is between 20 to 30 years.
  • Applicants must have the ability to think out of the box and be creative.

BDes in Interior Design – Basics About the Course,

Some of the basic points about the BDes course in interior design are listed below.

  • The BDes is a 4-year undergraduate degree that deals with understanding the behaviour of people for the creation of unique functional spaces in building premises.
  • Students graduated with B.Design in interior design spaces that are ecologically sound and have sustainable interiors for the clients.
  • It also focuses on teaching students about contemporary professional practices and the different facets of management in the interior design field.
  • The course helps students understand and gain professional training in the field of creative design through industry-oriented projects.

BDes in Interior Designing – Admission Process

The admission process for BDes in interior design might differ from one college to another. Below are some common points followed by most colleges when it comes to the admission process:

  • Certain colleges conduct entrance exams in order to shortlist deserving applicants. You can check the college website to understand the entrance exam for the particular college.
  • Some colleges choose students on the basis of merit. This means that the higher the score in the 12th standard, the better the chances of getting admission to the college.
  • Some colleges might also decide on candidates based on portfolio evaluation or personal interview rounds to understand the design and interpersonal skills of the candidate.

The BDes interior design colleges have their own set of rules for admission. It is advisable to check the website of the college for a detailed understanding of the admission process.

BDes Subjects

The BDes subjects might also differ from one college to another. However, there are some subjects that are offered in almost all colleges. Listed below are some of the subjects that you will study in the 4 years of your undergraduate programme.

Semester 1 Semester 2
Material Exposure Humanities, Art, and evaluation
Basics of Structure 1 Research Planning Design Process
Hypothesis of Design Basics of Structure 2
Freehand Drawing and Geometric Construction Basics of Design 2
Relational abilities Fundamentals of Photography
Basics of Design 1 Prologue to Computers 2
Prologue to Computers 1 Systematic Drawing
Semester 3 Semester 4
Fundamentals of Interior Materials 1 Elective (Poetry & Literature/ Journalism)
Introduction to History of Crafts and Interior Design 1 Basics of Building Services 1
Introduction to Interior Construction 1 Fundamentals of Interior Design 2
Anthropometry and Ergonomics Fundamentals of Interior Materials 2
Practical drawings and Computer Applications Introduction to Interior Construction 2
Fundamentals of Interior Design 1 Advance Computer Application
Semester 5 Semester 6
Fundamentals of Interior Materials 3 Basics of Building Services 3
Basics of Building Services 2 Elective (Human Interaction/ Marketing)
Introduction to Materials and Processes 1 Analysis of Cost Estimation
Fundamentals of Interior Design 3 Practical Uses of Interior Construction 4
Elective (Dance & Music/ Theatre & Film Making) Basics of Arts and Crafts
Theory of Interior Construction 3 Fundamentals of Interior Design 4
Semester 7 Semester 8
Practice session Case Study
Basics of Building Services 4 Project work
Introduction to Specifications and Controls Seminar/ Thesis Topic
Analysis of Interior Landscape
Fundamentals of Product Semantics
Basics of Interior Design 5

Top Job Profiles after BDes Degree

After completing your degree from one of the top BDes interior design colleges, some of the top job profiles that you can choose are:

  • Production Designer
  • Interior Designer
  • Visual Merchandiser
  • Lighting Designer
  • Exhibition Designer
  • Interior Decorator

The salary might differ based on the college and skills of the individual. You can also choose other job profiles depending on your preferences.


The demand for interior designers has been rising exponentially. Individuals and organisations hire interior designers to change the look and feel of their spaces. Interior designers are also experts in creating sustainable spaces that are ecologically sound. There are so many BDes interior design colleges that you can choose from depending on your budget, choice of curriculum, and preferred city. A BDes degree paired with the right skills and knowledge can easily translate into a rewarding career.

If you are planning to pursue BDes but are looking for the right institution, Sunstone can help you. Sunstone works with some of the top universities and colleges in India to provide soft skill training programmes, specialised certifications, and industry-focused projects to enhance students’ career prospects. Moreover, you can get placed at your dream organisation with quality placement assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a Bachelor of Design or BDes in Interior Design?

BDes in interior design is a four-year undergraduate degree that focuses on teaching students the skills and knowledge required to excel in the field of interior design. Some of the top design colleges in India offer BDes in Interior Design courses.

  • What is the qualification for affirmation in Bachelor of Design or BDes in Interior Design?

To get admission to BDes in Interior Design, you must have passed 12th standard with at least 50% aggregate score from a recognised board in India. Some colleges admit students on the basis of merit, whereas some colleges admit students on the basis of the results of the entrance test conducted by the college.

  • What is the age criterion for B.Des in Interior Design?

There is no specific age requirement to study BDes in Interior Design, but there are some colleges that prescribe an age limit for admission to the course. The age limit lies anywhere between 20 to 30 years.