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BBQs 2u Presents a Range of The Hot Sizzle Zone of Napoleon Gas Barbecues

The one place for buying the best barbecues is BBQs 2u which is a family business and has been passionate about grilling for three generations. They are the authorised dealers of brands like Kamado Joe, Napoleon, and MasterBuilt Gravity Series Ooni Pizza Ovens. Apart from providing a wide range of branded grills, ovens, and BBQs 2u has also been selling accessories for a perfect grilling experience.

They have physical stores in Abersoch and Pwllheli and they also display all the barbecue products on their website. The family welcomes all kinds of advice, suggestions, and recipes for grilling and barbecuing.

BBQs 2u has been selling the entire range of Napoleon Gas BBQs that covers the Prestige 500, PRO TravelQ, and Rogue Series. Napoleon Gas barbecues offer the conventional method of infrared grilling that involves the use of charcoal with blazing briquettes getting direct heat through infrared energy. This grills the food producing that tantalising smoky fragrance and a delectable crust that most foodies love.

In addition to this, the SIZZLE ZONE infrared burners offer convenient gas technology. Each burner has hundreds of gas ports that heat the ceramic surface until it begins to glow red. The generated infrared rays heat the meal directly and thoroughly in addition to the surrounding air. Additionally, it produces a stable thermal zone that is considerably simpler to maintain than a charcoal fire.

Napoleon infrared burners can reach incredibly high temperatures for cooking luscious steaks, burgers, and other foods. The SIZZLE ZONE doubles as a side burner and, when used in conjunction with a ceramic heat plate, creates the ideal environment for making mouth-watering stir-fries in a wok. Customers can click here to get high-quality Napoleon barbecues and accessories at the best prices online from BBQs 2u along with a fantastic post-sales service.

One of the ground-breaking technologies that can be seen only in Napoleon gas barbecues is the ingenious JETFIRE ignition mechanism, which ignites each individual burner with a forceful burst of flame from a separate gas outlet. This makes it simple to light a Napoleon gas burner. This eliminates the dreaded click of a failed Piezo ignition, allowing the burners to light even in severe weather.

The dual-level sear plates in Napoleon barbecues allow for constant heat distribution to the cooking grids and avoid “hotspots”. Furthermore, the plates’ rising position from back to front, which enables naturally warm air at the back to go to the front where it is cooler, makes them beneficial in addition to their staggering height. The self-cleaning plates ensure safe barbecuing while providing the food with a stronger, more intense flavour since they direct any dripping fat or fluids away from the flames.

It is the unique design of the WAVE cooking grids that provides the food with an appealing sear pattern and can only be obtained with a Napoleon BBQ. However, the wave design has more uses than just giving your meal a tasty aesthetic. Such little things set their barbecues apart from the competition.

BBQs 2u is particular about barbecue brands and hence, they test their products and only then sell them to their customers. The Twitter account allows customers to connect with them so that they get regular updates about new accessories, tools, deals, and discounts.