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Basic Knowledge of Choosing Laptop

You cannot know anything before buying a laptop. For example, if you want to buy HONOR laptops or Apple laptops, you must have corresponding knowledge. In this way, the laptop you buy will be suitable for you. When buying a laptop, we should first look at the following parameters.

  1. CPU:

There are almost two kinds of Central Processing Unit (CPU). They are Intel and AMD. Intel occupies the mainstream of the laptop market. This is more obvious in the field of high-performance processors. It is unique and hard to defeat. AMD occupies a smaller market share. However, AMD has got rapid development in recent years. Its cost performance is good. As for their function, you can divide the CPU into two categories. That is, low-voltage processors and standard-voltage processors. From the name, we can know the difference between the two. Low-voltage processor (suffix U) has low power consumption and strong endurance. However, it cannot provide laptop high performance due to voltage power supply. It is standard for most light and thin laptops. Standard Pressure Processor (Suffix H) has excellent performance. However, better performance means weaker endurance. It is a selection for game laptops.

  1. Memory:

The main types of memory in the market are SDRAM, DDR SDRAM and RDRAM. Among them, DDR SDRAM memory occupies the mainstream of the market. The size of memory determines the number of the running programs at the same time. It stores the programs and data of the laptop’s operation. It has a great influence on the performance of laptops. For light laptops, 8G of memory is enough. Of course, it is best to go up to 16G. As for the game laptop, 16G is the start. Choose more memory according to personal needs and budget.

  1. Graphics Card:

Graphics card is a special device for processing image signals in laptops. It determines the performance of laptop in graphics processing. In other words, the performance of the graphics card determines the display effect of the machine. However, its influence on the running speed of the laptop is not large. It has two types. They are integrated graphics card and discrete graphics card. Integrated graphics card makes less power consumption and calorific value. However, its display effect and processing performance are weaker. It is solidified on the motherboard or CPU. So, you cannot replace it separately. This kind of graphics card is the basic setting for light laptops. Discrete graphics card does not occupy system memory. It has strong performance. It is easy to upgrade the hardware of graphics card. At the same time, its power consumption and calorific value are larger. It may cost you more.

  1. Hard Disk:

You can divide hard disks into 3 types. They are mechanical hard disk, solid state disk and micro solid-state disk. Hard disks are related to the amount of data laptops can store. The size of the hard disk determines the number of files you can save. Its impact on the performance of the laptop is small. Solid state disks are much better than mechanical hard drives. I mean, no matter in terms of reading speed and writing speed. However, its price is higher. Laptops come standard with 256 G solid-state disks. This is enough for daily use. However, it is best to reach 512 G when you have sufficient funds. After all, you cannot replace the solid-state disk of light laptops. The solid-state disk of the game laptop starts at 512 G. Choose upward according to your own situation. Most game laptops allow future equipping.