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A Guide To The World Of No Ammonia Hair Colours

So many people opt to colour their hair for an instant transformation. Now if you have been sifting through the right hair colours for you, then you might have come across the term “ammonia-free”. Ever wondered why it’s such a big deal? Today we are going to discuss all about no ammonia hair colours and why it became so prevalent.

Hair colours in the past..


Hair colours in the past were ammonia based because they were very durable and long lasting. When we colour our hair, the chemical dye molecules cause a chemical reaction on contact with the scalp tissue that changes the pH which in turn opens up the hair follicles so that they readily absorb the hair colour. In the past, ammonia was used for swelling up the hair follicles. In fact, ammonia was also believed to lighten the hair’s natural pigments by reacting with the melanin on the scalp and hair. This made it easier to colour.

However, as time went by people started to notice that ammonia based hair colours had loads of side-effects.

Side effects of ammonia based hair colours


Sensitive scalp can react very badly to the ammonia. Ammonia when comes in contact with water produces ammonium hydroxide which is a potential skin irritant. It can cause skin burns and irritate the eyes and nose. Ammonia dyes also make your hair dry and frizzy. And then comes the most dangerous one- ammonia can enter your bloodstream through the scalp. It can cause lung complications, throat infections and sinus problems.

Our hair contains a protein called Tyrosine which helps the hair shaft in holding onto the dye molecules. Ammonia destroys this protein and your hair’s ability to hold onto colour is compromised eventually. Add to that, it’s harmful effects on our environment and ammonia seems to be an overall bad choice.

And, that is why no ammonia hair colours became prevalent..


Nowadays so many brands offer no ammonia hair colours in several colour variants. You can try the Godrej Expert Easy hair colour range that is ammonia free as well as very gentle on the hair shaft. Even those with sensitive scalp can use it without any harmful side effects. Here are a few reasons more and more people are making the switch towards ammonia free hair colours:

  • Does Not irritate the scalp- Ammonia molecules in contact with water creates an alkaline pH that causes a burning sensation in the scalp. That’s not all. Many people have had severe reactions to ammonia-based hair colours. That is why we recommend the Godrej Expert Easy shampoo based hair colour. In addition to being ammonia free , it is infused with the goodness of amla and shikakai that promptly nourishes your hair.
  • Helps maintain the natural hair health- These colours do not alter the pH balance of the hair resulting in subsequent loss of moisture and proteins from the hair. If you love your hair and wish to maintain a healthy mane, then always go for no ammonia hair colour
  • Easy and odour free experience– Ammonia based hair dye molecules are very small and evaporate quickly on application of hair colours. However they leave behind a strong pungent smell that irritates your eyes and might cause difficulty in breathing. On the other hand, ammonia free hair dyes such as the Godrej expert easy do not irritate your senses and do not have any strong smell.
  • Extra gentle formula- The extra gentle formula with natural oils and ingredients makes it safer for your scalp and hair. This is particularly good news for those with a sensitive scalp and dry/brittle hair.
  • Improved protection and shine- The Godrej expert Easy hair colours is infused with the blend of natural ingredients that help maintain your hair’s natural sheen. It helps retain the scalp’s natural oils and thus prevent dry and split ends.
  • Natural finish– Ammonia free hair colours offer loads of hair colours that complements the black hair of Indians. And the best part? These colours offer a natural finish unlike ammonia based hair colours that give off a very unnatural look. Now you can blend in with the trends with ultra nourishing hair colours in various shades of ultra natural looking hair shades.

How do ammonia free hair colours work?


Most ammonia free hair colours contain monoethanolamine(MEA) that also contains alcohol. They are usually paired with emollient oils that makes MEAs less damaging to the hair. Other ammonia hair substitutes are Cocamide MEA and aminomethyl propyl MEA. These ingredients work the same way ammonia based hair dyes do minus the additional hair damage and possible health hazards. However, they do not open up your hair cuticle, they simply form a layer of dye onto your natural hair shaft.

Why should you choose the Godrej Expert easy hair colour range?


A fast and effective solution to traditional hair colouring procedures that are time-consuming and tedious- the new improved Godrej expert easy hair colouring range is faster and better. Have guests coming over at a short notice? Colour your hair within minutes with this shampoo based hair colour range. Make those greys disappear in a jiffy as you simply wash down your hair with the no ammonia hair colour shampoo. Infused with the goodness of amla and shikakai, this hair colour nourishes your hair roots and strands equally while effectively colouring your hair.

You don’t have to worry about wastage too since they come in perfectly calculated single use sachets. Currently available in 3 mesmerising colours, we assure you that once you use it, you won’t believe that hair colouring can be done so easily from within the comforts of your home!

Here’s how to use the hair colour


Simply follow these few steps:

  • Cut the sachet and empty the whole content onto dry hair.
  • Now massage the contents carefully all throughout the hair .
  • Now wash it off within 5 minutes.
  • Your new improved hair is ready to wow everyone!

Some other things to follow


Coloured hair needs special care and maintenance. Therefore, always make sure that your hair care products are safe to use on colour treated hair. Avoid washing your hair frequently and also do an oil massage from time to time. It helps strengthen your roots and boosts the natural glow and shine of your hair.

So, what is the final verdict?


You no longer need to worry about hair damage while colouring your hair. The Godrej expert Easy is a no ammonia hair colour aimed at lending your hair an impeccable look without all that hassle of getting your hair coloured by a professional. This unique shampoo based formula covers your greys in a matter of minutes. All you have to do is simply shampoo and that’s all! These colours are safe to use and gentle on the hair. They do not dry out your hair and lend a healthy sheen to the mane. Get your hands on one of these and experience the difference today!