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The Ease and Elegance of Motorized Blinds and Shades

Window Treatments Tie Home Decor Together

Home decor is a personalized affair and offers a wonderful way to see one’s personal style come to life. Window treatments, such as blinds and shades, can offer a subtle hint of color or pattern that ties the entire theme of the room’s decor together. When these blinds and shades are motorized, it is even better! Motorized shades offer protection from the sun, a pop of color or pattern, and privacy, all with the ease of a simple touch button. What could be easier? Long thought a major expense and indulgence, today’s motorized window treatments are within budget for many.

Modern Motorization

What could be better than being able to open and close your blinds with a push of a button? Whether you wish to shade your living room from the midday sun or would like to catch a few more minutes of sleep, having motorized shades makes it all as simple as can be! These blinds also have the added benefit of safety with no cords hanging around waiting to be pulled by little ones. And when you consider the smartphone applications that make your shades fully integrated with your smart home, the choice becomes a no-brainer.

The Possibilities are Limitless!

Do not worry about fitting a motorized shade into your design scheme, it will likely be a simple and seamless process! From roller blinds, sliding panels, wood slat blinds, or vertical blinds, all of these and more can be fully motorized. Wood stains, fabric coverings, and limitless colors and patterns can make these shades and blinds truly unique and an integral part of your overall room decor. If you want to protect your home furnishings and artwork, especially in sunny South Florida, adequate shades and blinds are a must have. If you need these utilitarian items anyway, why not make them fun, exciting, and motorized?

Window Treatments are the Icing on the Design Cake

Window treatments are the one design element that packs a big punch with just a little amount of space. Many people overlook a custom window treatment and keep something generic hanging over their windows. While this may not detract from your overall room decor, it is a definite missed opportunity! Motorized shades can make your room truly your own, reflecting your design style to make a truly unique statement in your home. Don’t treat your window treatments as an afterthought as they are an effective way to pull a room together in a way that reflects your design aesthetic and style.

Take a look at motorized shades and blinds and see if they are the right fit for your room!