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The Best Alternatives for Women – Steroid Alternatives For Women

There are very many types of steroid available in worlds that are used extensively and intensely by men around the world. However, when it comes to women, the factors and facts completely change, not many women engage in this all male and mostly male dominated area of the world. People assume that women are disinterested in gaining strength and building a physique. It is common knowledge that beautification of the body is reserved mostly for women and strengthening of the body is reserved mostly for men.


Breaking the Image


However in modern times, one of the peculiarities to emerge is that all stereotypes are broken, everyone gets an equal opportunity to change their circumstances for the better or for the worse, everyone can do what they want so long as they do not break any rules. The women of the modern world thus, do not want to clamp down by stereotypical archetypes of a feminine feline type of an image. Anabolics are the steroid alternatives for women.


Women today want to bring about a complete revolution in the way people perceive them and think about them. They believe that people have the right to be strong and independant, they do not need to be dependent on others and can be a care free bird that can touch the sky and be a merry all weather athletes.


How to Meet these Dreams in Reality?


Thus what is the way to change this dream into reality? How can one person become a totally different person with a few exercises and a training regimen overnight? The answer is the whole plan is incomplete without a good pill to back up the whole plan. What the individual needs is some good pills such as Anabolic steroids.


What are Anabolic Steroids?


Anabolic Steroids are a type of steroids that are given by any good chemist shop after seeing a doctor’s prescription of the same. Without it, the person will not allow you to purchase it from his shop. To get a doctor’s prescription you will have to approach him or her and prove your need for the drug.


Anabolic Drugs do what?


Anabolic drugs increase the amount of muscles being created by the body and decrease the amount of muscles being killed by the body. This is one among the many reasons why it is a performance enhancing and bodybuilding drug. The prescription drug is known to cause side effects too. Thus, while purchasing it, a good point to remember is that it has it’s merits and it’s demerits


Virilisation and Other Side Effects


According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, anabolic steroids cause a number of health issues, including but not limited to –


  • Kidney and liver damage – The body may develop kidney or liver related problems or even diseases

  • Acne – The amount of Acne occurring is often severe thus it must be treated as a major side effect

  • Heart ailments – stroke and heart attacks are one of the other side effects that may occur and thus it is important to mindful of them

  • High blood pressure – The person may develop high blood pressure much like she may develop heart ailments

  • Aggressive behavior – This is also a common form of problems faced during and after the ingestion of the drug