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Maintain your HVAC system with care

It doesn’t matter where you are on earth in 2021. Unless it is in Greenland or Antarctica, you need an air conditioner to survive. From time to time, an AC unit tune-up is also necessary. In this article, we are going to talk about when you need an AC tune-up and how you can maintain your AC system.

When does your AC need a repair?

You can tell that your air conditioner needs a repair when it starts to show one or more of these symptoms:

  1. When you feel warm air blowing from your AC, check that the thermostat is switched to cooling mode. If it still does not stop blowing out warm air, it is a sign that your AC needs repair.
  2. When you observe dirt and grime accumulated in your condenser coils of the outside unit, it is a red signal that our AC needs a repair now.
  3. Condenser coils may also start leaking when your AC hasn’t been tuned up for a long time. 
  4. When the drain pipes of your air conditioning get blocked, it is highly advisable to call upon a technician to service the AC.
  5. Faulty electric connections can hinder the performance of your AC. Make sure that there are no such loose ends while your AC is working.

Maintenance and protection of your system

Before the hot summers hit your country, we suggest that you take a good long look at your AC and get it ready for the hot afternoons.

  • Air filters are an important part of the AC cooling system. The best way to keep the air filters clean is to clean the accumulated dust on them with warm running water.
  • Coming back to our main point again, keep your AC serviced regularly. Regular maintenance and servicing can give your HVAC system a long lifespan.
  • The AC drain pipe helps in removing the moisture from indoors. This can result in standing water and a moldy smell. Use a thin and stiff brush to clean the AC drain pipe.

Always remember, a well-serviced and tuned-up AC can give your home a fresh and cooling environment in the hot summers.