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How To Take Care Of Your Dry Hair

People with dry hair often find it hard to maintain it. It gets too entangled and looks too lifeless. Dry hair sometimes is a natural type of hair for some since birth, whereas for some it is acquired due to unhealthy practices.Whatever the case they can be brought back to normal.Here are some pointers that might help you in maintaining them.

  1. Keep your hair well moisturised at all times. You can use conditioners or non-stickyhair oils to do the job. Use virgin coconut hair oil toenrich your follicles with vitamin E.Siberian Health Czech Republic offers a wide range of products in hair care that you might want to try out.
  2. Keeping yourself hydrated is also of prime importance. This water is going to help provide hydration to the scalp and henceyour hair follicles. This natural way of moisturizing is ignored by many. Make sure to drink thewater of considerable quantityat regular intervals.
  3. Do not wash your hair everyday. This removes the moisture build-up that takes place overnight.More so when you use hot showers. Keep at least a gap of around three to four days between hair washes.This will also help in keeping your scalp free from product build up.
  4. When you shampoo your hair make sure to use one with lower pH valueso that it doesn’t dry up the scalp totally.These shampoos seem a bit creamy in appearance. They can be found by reading the labels too. Generally, most brands do mention it.
  5. Hair styling tools just make an already dull looking hair stiffer and life less. When it’s that time when you need to style it,you can use protective heat balms to avoid damage to your hair. Use conditioners too after the shower and before styling.
  6. Home care for your hair will also help in maintaining that shine. You can use yoghurt and olive oil pack to your hair to keep the moisture intact. Also, you can rinse with diluted apple cider vinegar with 1:5 ratio.
  7. Harsh weather dries out your hair faster than any other reasons. Especially sun during summer. Make sure to keep your hair covered when out in the sun.
  8. When getting highlights done to your hair always avoid bleach based treatments.Instead, go for organic colouring substitutes. Many products are free from formaldehyde, choose them.
  9. When shampooing after getting colouring done make sure there is a gap of at least 48 hours.