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Workers’ Compensation for Accidents During Work in Seattle

Were you hurt during work? There are state regulations in place that would ensure that your rights as an employee are protected if you are an employee working for someone or a business and were hurt on the job site. You may also be able to make a workers compensation claim if the damages are significant. Get a free consultation with a lawyer if you’re not sure how to proceed.

It is only fair that you be informed of your rights as an employee when you begin working for a company. Unfortunately, not all employers or businesses take that action to avoid carrying out their obligations. What harm can it cause if the employees are unaware, too? An attitude like that is improper, and you as an employee need to be aware of all your rights. Consulting a lawyer would be one approach to achieving that. 

Filing a claim:

Find out if the employer or the firm has worker’s compensation insurance if you are an employee of a company by doing a little research. If so, you’ll be able to submit a claim and get payment for all the losses you sustained. These harms may take the shape of monetary expenses or non-economic harms. 

Furthermore, you really don’t need to worry about receiving compensation even if you contributed to the injuries in any way. Since a no-fault system generally governs employee remuneration. This implies that as long as the injuries were acquired while on the job, you will be eligible for compensation even if you share some of the blame for the losses you experienced.

Additionally, the employer or the insurance provider will cover any past, present, and future medical expenses incurred as a result of the accident for an injured worker. Contact your employer once to confirm the physicians you can see if you’re seeking compensation. 

Do not try to file the claim alone, as you may end up making a mistake that would cost you the entire compensation. It’s better to get the help of a professional to gather evidence and navigate the legal processes of filing a claim for workers’ compensation. 

Final thoughts:

Uncertain about the total amount you may claim? Make an appointment with a lawyer to learn more about your case. Additionally, a lawyer can assist you if your employer is attempting to avoid paying you the compensation you are due.