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When life gives you a hundred reasons to cry, give it one reason to smile

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Life is full of challenges. We may not be running like an impala, for its’ life when attacked by predators. But rest assured, the corporate world is a jungle by itself, where only the fittest survive. It is understandable; this might cause you some stress. But if this stress is taking the cheer out of your life, beware, it might be an anxiety disorder. As per a survey, more than 08 million people in England are suffering from anxiety disorder.

Anxiety vs. Depression:

This ailment should not be equated to depression. Depression is characterized by loss of interest in enjoyable activities, increase or decrease in appetite, trouble concentrating. In extreme cases, it may incite suicidal thoughts. Symptoms of Anxiety disorder are restlessness, getting tired, sleep disturbance, excessive worry over trivial matters. If you are depressed, you will move slowly, and your reactions to the situation will be flat or dull. Contrary to this, if you are prone to anxiety, your actions will be rapid, you will be worried over the future and even fearful.

How do you counter anxiety disorder:

Judging your patterns of thoughts analytically is the first step towards anxiety disorder treatment. Some of the best anxiety therapist in Sheffield opine that there are a different class of therapies available and the success of each therapy varies from individual to individual. Some self-care techniques are:

  • Reduction in caffeine intake
  • More physical exercise
  • Less smoking and alcoholism
  • Healthy diet

On the mental forefront, the following therapies make quite a difference:

  • Cognitive behavior therapy that keeps negative thoughts away through talking
  • Meditation
  • Psychotherapy

Medication involves usage of certain Drugs such as:

  • Antidepressant
  • Sedative
  • Nerve Pain medication
  • Anxiolytics

Always consult a doctor or your nearest therapist for the proper mode of treatment.