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What’s ITN and How to Acquire It?

When it comes to the process of import and export, one significant part of the intricate process is getting hands on the ITN number. The customs process happens to be one of the most complex processes, where there are several steps and laws one has to consider. The ITN plays a vital role in the identification of products and helps people abide by the tax laws. Of all the important stages in the customs process, acquiring the ITN is thus imperative. 

Let us, therefore, try to understand what the ITN actually means and what are the means to acquire it.

What is ITN? And why’s it important?

When shipping products from one country to another, you’re bound to come across the ITN, quite often. The ITN or Internal Transaction Number is the number you receive, which is the confirmation that your EEI or Electronic Export Information has been accepted by the Automated Export System or the AES. The ITN starts with an ‘X’ and goes on to include the year, month and day of such acceptance and a 6-digit random number. 

For the purpose of clearing customs at port, the ITN must appear on the Bill of lading, airway bill, export shipping instructions and other commercial loading documents. 

How to obtain the ITN?

Let’s consider obtaining ITN for the import of a vehicle. In order to obtain the ITN in such a case, you need to do as follows:

The ITN number request can be made through the broker, which seems to be the safer and reliable option.

  • Contact your broker

Let your broker know that you’re ready to import your vehicle. Your broker may ask for different kind of paperwork 

  • Declare the crossing information

You are required to let your broker know the exact date you want to cross whether you’re using a transport company and the port or border crossing.

  • Wait for 72 hours

The last stage is to wait. Your customs broker will then file all the necessary paperwork and wait for 72 hours to hear from the customs office. The ITN may either be e-mailed to you or recited over the phone. 

The ITN, thus, plays a vital role in the shipment. As we can see, the involvement of a customs broker is a significant factor whether it is to obtain the ITN, or going about the whole process.