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The Ring carrying the Destiny

Any rings convey the energy and destiny of a person. Therefore, wearing other people’s jewelry on your fingers is strongly discouraged. However, there are exceptions to any rule. Some people keep the ring in memory of the person who died. In such a situation, it is allowed to put the jewelry on a chain and wear it around the neck.

Can You Wear A Wedding Ring After A Divorce?

Not everyone is ready to part with their favorite jewelry, so people often ask the question: “What if I wear a wedding ring after a divorce?” According to all signs and traditions, this is a bad sign. It is better not to wear such an accessory, especially if you broke up on bad terms. Go for the best of Cushion Moissanite Rings in this case.

It is also not recommended to wear two wedding rings. If this is your remarriage, it means that you are already ready to move on in life and build your destiny with a new person. At least for this reason, it is worth leaving all the past behind and getting rid of the jewelry left over from the first marriage. The same applies to the question: “What if I wear my husband’s wedding ring after his death?” No one will forbid you to wear this ring, but still, if you get married again, it is better to take it off.

Wedding Rings after Divorce

The wedding portal answered the most popular questions about wedding rings and told how to wear them correctly, according to all existing signs. However, it is important to remember that everything depends only on you and your faith, and negative thoughts and experiences can harm you much more than any beliefs. Keep your love and be happy.

The modern world surprises us every day with new inventions. The bridal fashion industry is no exception. There are also some innovations here. Today we want to discuss with you one of the most fashionable trends of the newlyweds of the new generation smart wedding rings.

Smart ring: what is this “beast”?

More and more smart things appear around that are already becoming familiar. The phones that help us control our whole life have ceased to surprise even grandmothers. Smart TVs, smart watches, and now smart wedding rings have become commonplace. For modern and advanced newlyweds, we are sure this idea will seem interesting. If you understand how a smart ring works, you will definitely want to get one. Let’s see what unusual wedding rings can do so smart, how they differ from ordinary ones and what functions they might be interested in.

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What smart rings can do?

They are synchronized with your smartphone and partially replace the well-known and popular smart watches: they show the time and date, act as a stopwatch, etc. Receive your messages and calls. With Bluetooth through the ring, you can read all incoming messages and answer calls that come to your smartphone. The gadget is usually made of waterproof materials, and even while in the shower, you will be able to see the message from your significant other and not miss her call.

The ring determines the temperature

Track your physical activity. Such a ring on your finger, like a fitness bracelet, will help you calculate your heart rate and track the number of steps taken per day. Perfect for sports couples and people who take care of their health.

Smart rings

Make contactless payments. This function will be useful to anyone who has mastered it on a phone or watch and does not like to carry unnecessary accessories in the form of a wallet or cardholder. You can also protect yourself and your soul mate from theft.

Like any other, smart ring is available for sale in a wide range. The wedding ring size, material and design are chosen by the newlyweds themselves from a wide variety. Some manufacturers offer their customers the opportunity to make gadgets from precious metals or with additional jewelry inserts and decorations. You can choose exactly those that satisfy your desires and taste preferences.

What are smart wedding rings?

You have already understood that a smart ring is a kind of modern gadget, and it can expand the functions of a mobile phone. But what can these devices do so special to become a special symbol for newlyweds, why should they be chosen as wedding rings?

Rings with memory dates

Such unusual wedding rings have a built-in calendar in which you can enter all the significant events for your family. The date of your first kiss or first date, your wedding anniversary, or the day you met. It is simply unrealistic to keep all the dates in your memory. But it is the forgetfulness of the partner that very often becomes the subject of the quarrels of the newlyweds. This smart ring will help you avoid missing important events.

Wedding rings “Think of me”

The name of the rings speaks for itself, your accessory will always make you understand what your husband or wife is thinking about you at the very moment, how far from each other you would not be. The distance in this case does not matter, the sensor, which is built into both rings, will be triggered in thousands of kilometers? With it, the ring of one of the partners heats up and changes its color when the other touches the crystal or gently pressed the ring itself. Well, can’t this touch and nudge you to the fact that such a smart ring should adorn your half’s finger?

Rings that determine the authenticity of banknotes

Yes, you are not mistaken, there are such? And this is a great option for those couples who love to travel and do it not only together, but also separately. Now you can always be calm about your soul mate financially. It will be enough just to bring the bill to the wedding ring, as it will scan not only the authenticity of the money itself, but also tell you how much you are holding in your hands. Such an accessory can also perfectly suit you if you or your couple works in a bank.

Rings that fix the partner’s heartbeat

These are amazingly touching paired wedding rings. They communicate with each other using a special application on the phone. You just need to press the ring, and you will feel how the heart of your half is beating at this moment. The manufacturing company offers newlyweds two options for the material of the rings: stainless steel or rose gold.

Smart ring with heartbeat

If you are a modern, creative couple who doesn’t like banal things, then this is just for you. A smart wedding ring can emphasize your individuality in an original way and become not only a symbol of love, but also a real helper in everyday life.