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Just How to Find Bathroom-Friendly Art as well as Décor

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Can you hang art in the washroom? Will moisture mess up washroom photos? At our Rose city as well as Seattle-based restroom style business, we hear this kind of inquiry regularly.

No homeowner desires an area with empty, bare wall surfaces, even in the washroom. But the heavy steam, as well as wetness produced by our daily showers, baths, and also hand launderings, can be difficult on typical framed art. To help you produce a shower room that is as sensible as it is gorgeous, our Devine Developers have pulled together 5 easy and bathroom-friendly decorating concepts.

Ceramic Plates

Plates aren’t just for the cooking area anymore! When hung on the wall, decorative ceramic crockery can give your bathroom an eclectic appearance that’s not susceptible to water damage. You can purchase hangers specifically for plates online or at your neighborhood hardware or craft shop.

Sculptures or Flower holders

When you’re considering restroom décor, don’t just think of the walls. A sculpture or flower holder on a windowsill or countertop can include an aspect of design to an otherwise simple space. When choosing a sculpture, select something mostly water-resistant like glass, rock, or brushed metal. For a fresh scent: a flower holder full of a collection of fresh herbs or flowers can perfume the air when mixed with the heavy steam of your shower.


If you have a washroom that obtains a great amount of light, plants can make terrific decorations. Common restroom moisture is not a problem for the majority of plants and tropical plants thrive in this sort of atmosphere. Some bathroom-friendly plants to take into consideration consist of:

  • Aloe Vera
  • Serpent Plant kingdom
  • Orchids
  • Bamboo

Searching for even more interior plant motivation? Make certain to look into our blog site about the very best plants for PNW washrooms.

Laminated Prints

If you like the look of standard mounted restroom art, however, have a restroom with poor ventilation, think about discovering some inexpensive prints that you like as well as laminating them. Lamination will keep water far from the print itself but will certainly imitate the appearance of glass if put inside of a frame.

Accent Tile

If you’re taking into consideration a bigger restroom remodel concept, accent floor tile is a terrific means to include bathroom-friendly design right into your space. Accent ceramic tiles can be utilized to add color, structure, and also visual interest to a wall. Trying to find a much more low-maintenance method to include this appearance? You can hang private decorative floor tiles with a small and also bathroom-friendly accent. Look for decorative ceramic tile hangers at your regional craft store.

When it concerns embellishing our homes, the restroom is typically the last place we take into consideration. But, below at Devine Bath, we see the shower room as a functional need and an individual haven. Do not allow your bathroom to come to be a décor-void area! Do you have an idea for washroom or washroom art that you assume we should find out about? Allow us to recognize in the remarks listed below.

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