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How can your news website make money?

Newspapers have always dominated the world of journalism and publishing. But that was before the introduction of the Internet. In those days, print media was probably the only way to approach the masses. But now the story has moved online. Anyone and everyone can keep up with their everyday news online.

This doesn’t mean that print publications are not running anymore. Yes, they are still very much around for those who continue to like the feel of a physical paper to peruse through. However, the online domain is preferred by most especially the younger generations. For the owner of the site, it is much more sustainable as well as cheaper to have his/her operations online. Also it is a great way to reach out to their readers.

Let us see how a News website can make money –

Advertising – As far as advertising goes, every returning or new visitor is a way of revenue. All online publications have lots of advertisements. You will find sponsored hyperlinks, banners and so on. These companies that want to advertise, pay a straight fee or some even follow the pay per click method. PPC is where the advertisers pay you whenever an ad on your site is clicked by a reader.

This being said, advertising is not all easy money. Some readers do not like seeing adverts on a site that they would like to go through. They might just avoid the site or use ad blockers which are software which can be used to block advertisements on apps or websites. Hence a balance needs to be maintained between content and ads.

Paywalls – Some of the Best in Australia News websites use something called ‘paywalls’. This means that the interested readers would have to sign up or subscribe for content or in some cases premium content. This concept has kind of mixed responses.

SEO and ranking – These days most publishers also invest in SEO firms and experts. This helps them bring their News websites to the top rankings of search engines. This web ranking can also create an impact on revenues. Things like using optimal keywords play a major part in the ranking as well. Social media is another important part of this whole process. Online journalism can be successful only if Facebook and Twitter are also handled well. This can help in bringing more readers and eventually more money. A media brand depends on more followers and readers.

Sponsored content is not only run online; but news publishers also run promotions as well as advertisements on their social media too. Publications already having a large number of organic followers; do very well with this method. Some might question the ethics behind this; but frankly it is labeled as sponsored. This way, not only is the content marketed but the links too. This especially works for those with specific niche areas.

Many News publishers also use offline methods like conferences and events. They have their own specialist events like award shows. These could be a one-time event or regular occurrences which lets them get recognition and bring in companies as sponsors.

These are just some ways in which News websites can make some good money.