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Gun Charges in Yukon: What You Need to Know

Firearms are a necessary evil for mankind. While they can cause severe destruction, they can also protect you from several threats. Nonetheless, misuse of firearms is on the rise. As a result of which, individuals need to be more cautious when it comes to owning and using a firearm. 

However, despite having a legal license, many people have to face gun charges. Sometimes, it is due to overcautious authorities, and other times, it is due to a complex situation involving the use of firearms. It is, therefore, essential to learn more about how gun licensing works in Canada and how good lawyers can help you when you are faced with such charges.

Who can obtain a license to own a gun?

Gun Charges

Canada allows its citizens to obtain a firearms license so that they can legally own a firearm for their protection and their properties. However, you must meet the criteria decided by the authorities to obtain a Possession and Acquisition License (PAL). The following individuals can apply for a gun license in Canada.

  • A Canadian resident
  • A non-Canadian resident
  • A minor
  • Indigenous people
  • A target shooter
  • A collector
  • Businesses

While the process for obtaining a license may slightly differ in each case, it generally requires two things: passing the Canadian firearms safety course and renewing your PAL every five years. However, the process for obtaining a firearms license for minors has more stringent requirements and rules.

Factors that may lead to disqualification of your application

It is pertinent to mention here that simply applying for a PAL does not guarantee that your application will get through and you’ll be able to keep a gun. The following factors may result in the rejection of your PAL application.

  • If you’ve ever been convicted under section 730 of the criminal code for an offense as specified therein.
  • If you have a history of mental illness and if you have been confined to a mental institute in the past.
  • If you have a history of violent behavior
  • If you have ever been legally prohibited from communicating with a person, from being in a specified place, or if you posed a risk to the safety of people(s).
  • If you have ever been prohibited from owning a firearm by a prohibition order
  • If you pose a threat or risk of harming any person

Understanding how can a good lawyer help you with gun charges

If you ever face a gun charge of illegal possession or misuse of a firearm, you must hire a professional lawyer for help. Here’s how they can protect you from penalties and punishments.

  • They ensure that your charter rights are protected during the entire procedure.
  • Help you navigate the legal landscape.
  • Provide you with legal assistance and help you identify a defense strategy.
  • Negotiate for your release on bail.
  • Identify and obtain evidence and witnesses in your support.
  • Represent you during the entire trial.

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