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Guide to ordering pizza: Tips and Tricks

Pizza lovers wouldn’t deny that the word PIZZA brings a huge smile on their face. The love for cheese and crust can never go less if you share the same emotions for pizza. All you need is the right pizza slice on your plate and life feels like a heaven! We bet you haven’t tasted all the best flavors of pizza yet. We have some tips that would save your time and effort in choosing pizza at the Double Pizza restaurant or any popular pizza brand.

How to order pizza in simple steps:

One of the easiest methods to order your pizza is the online method. You can order your delicious pizza from various official websites, food apps, social media outlets, or simple by calling the restaurant.

Step 1: Choose a brand:

One of the first steps is to decide what pizza brand you wish to order from. Considering the major drawback which is the waiting period, especially on weekends, you must choose a local brand. Find out the pizza outlets near you by entering your location details on these apps.

Step 2: Check out the menu:

Another essential step is to check out the menu online. The best advantage of ordering pizza online is that you get ample of time to choose from the menu options. We understand it takes time especially for large orders when you have guests at home.

Step 2: Size matters!

Regardless of whether you are hosting the party for kids or adults, size matters! Kids have a similar appetite and love for pizza as adults. Thus, you may have to switch to personal pan pizzas or small sized pizza that is equivalent to medium or large slices for adults. Next is the choice of crust. Stuffed, thin, and cheese burst are a few most popular choices.

Step 3: The toppings:

Most pizza brands usually have some toppings of veggies almost similar. However, the best part is you can customize your pizza toppings with your choice. Choose from an array of choices in mushroom, onions, jalapenos, bell peppers, tomatoes, corns, olives, basil, mushroom, etc… There isn’t a single topping that is unhealthy for the pizza lover.

Step 4: Sides:

Soft drinks, sauces, breads, and salads, are some of the choices in sides with pizza. Although pizza is a complete meal for pizza lovers, ordering the sides add to the temptation and only increase the excitement of a pizza party. Brands like Double Pizza restaurant have some great combos and deals on pizzas as well as sides.