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Guide to An Unforgettable Honeymoon in Bali (Romance Capital)

As a romantic destination, Bali in the Indonesian archipelago ranks among the top destinations worldwide. This tropical paradise tucked away in southeast Asia offers some of the best romantic experiences money can buy.  The beaches are warm and welcoming all year long, and the people there know a thing or two about unforgettable experiences for visitors. What’s more, Bali is a relatively cheap honeymoon destination as compared to other popular locations around the world.

With full appreciation of the profound importance of having an unforgettable honeymoon, we present you the ultimate guide to having a honeymoon, you will narrate to your children and grandchildren with pride and teary nostalgia. It all happens in Bali, Indonesia- the romance capital.

First Steps- Before You Arrive in Bali

Bali is open to all who would love to visit and enjoy their love journey. However, it’s important to prepare well before you embark on your trip to this paradise. Nothing worse than rude surprises on your honeymoon. Here are the things you need do as you plan a trip to Bali.

Decide on When to Visit Bali– The best time to visit Bali is between May and September as the weather is quite pleasant during these months. You will meet many other couples like you at this time as it is the most popular time to visit. You can opt to visit in the other months if you prefer exclusivity and hate tourist crowds but have to contend with the rains and high humidity.

About Visas and Passports– Bali has incredibly relaxed entry requirements for people coming from the Americas, Europe and many other regions of the world. You don’t even need a visa as of April 2015 if you happen to come from these regions. Just check with your embassy on the requirements specific to your country of origin.

Find the Best Accommodation– Bali is the romantic capital, there are so many resorts lining up the exotic destinations on the island that it can be overwhelming to sift through them and find the perfect one. Honeymooners should check out the Ayana hotel honeymoon Bali. Perched atop a clifftop garden overlooking the beautiful water in Jimbaran, this romantic resort has what it takes to give you and your lover an extraordinary honeymoon. Oh, and did we mention that Jimbaran is an exclusive location for romantics?

Get your shots before you leave– Although not a strict requirement, it’s advised to take your Tdap shots for things like Diphtheria and tetanus and a Hepatitis A vaccine. Congratulations! Now you are ready for Bali, this is where the fun begins.

Unforgettable Romantic Experiences in Bali

Are you a thrill seeker, a hopeless romantic, a human fish, adventurer, a curious traveler, or all the above? Bali has all you need to enjoy, challenge each other, learn lessons, experiment, and dare. From the warm and calm beaches of Jimbaran that are perfect for relaxation and exploration to the thrilling waters of Balangan and Nusa Dua perfect for the thrill seekers to enjoy surfing, jet skiing, and snorkeling.

There are award winning water parks, SPA treatment centers, massage parlors, and other great amenities on the resort and across the island. This island paradise is all about pampering the holidaymakers who are lucky enough to visit and damn aren’t they good at it! Honeymooners and romantic couples get special treatment in most of the locations they visit in Bali. They are very keen on branding themselves as the ultimate romantic destination on this side of the ocean.

And Finally- Food and Shopping in Bali

For the foodies in the room, Bali has so much to offer in terms of food and hospitality. The food here is simply breathtaking mouthwatering. You can find both international cuisine and delicious local cuisine on the resorts and restaurants across the islands. Try out the Pisang Goreng for dessert as it’s like nothing you will have tasted before. Other interesting but simple local dishes include; Mie Goreng, Sate, Babi Guling, Nasi Campur among many other delicacies.

When you are done with your honeymoon, please visit some of the many local markets and shopping malls in Bali where you will find all kinds of arts and crafts, trinkets and other memorabilia to take with you as a reminder of your love journey in Bali. Remember,” Weddings aren’t about you. But honeymoons are” so make it unforgettable.