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Designs That Will Make Your Christmas Card Stand out

Nothing makes your holiday mailing have an exquisite look like a Merry Stencil Letters card. The design features a cut-out that lets your recipients see your image seep through the spaces before they open the gift card to see you and read your well-meaning message to show they are in your thoughts. Legends of sending gift cards will attest that the best photo Christmas cards have customized messages that remind your recipient of the fond memories that can easily be forgotten because of time. Though every gift recipient appreciates an appreciation token, accompanying the Christmas card with sentimental words makes it unique.  

What unique designs would you consider to make your Christmas card stand out?

Christmas photo cards are nothing short of surprise moments. Everyone wishing to send their loved ones a card during the festive season wants it more creative and intriguing than the previous. Though the season’s greetings reminding your loved ones of Christmas is the norm, scribbling a personal message in your handwriting goes an extra mile to remind your folks of your connection. Besides the smile-evoking messages, you can make your family and friends experience your creative gene with the following designs:    

  • Whimsical shine. Using the playful and shining design to display your message indicates your personality and how you want them to remember you during the holiday.
  • Christmas cocktail recipe. Since the festive season is a perfect time to toast and raise a glass for every occasion, the cocktail recipes you will include in your card alongside your message is an exciting way of spicing the moments with your specific tastes.
  • Colorful lights. Anyone who enjoys the presence of colors will tell you that you do not have to limit yourself to specific colors. Light up your loved ones’ Christmas with a colorful string of lights that make your loved ones enjoy the festive mood.
  • Festive tartan. The design specifically suits a loved one with a laid-back but cool personality. The metallic accents on the plain borders expertly bring out a classical theme that is both unique and exquisite.
  • Border greeting. Have you ever thought of sending a Christmas card to your favorite person with messages of peace, love, joy and unity in a different language other than what they know? Let this design bring out the magic.

How should you get crafty with your Christmas message?

Just because you are not the most creative person does not mean that you cannot gift your loved one with an artistic Christmas card with crafty edges. Using designer gel pens to spice up your card with decorative elements shows your creative gene, enhancing the appearance of your card. You can also scribble something with a paintbrush or calligraphy marker to make your photo card stand out. Designing an envelope holder with Mixbook’s gift wrap technique is another way of ensuring that your card remains relevant throughout the season and in years to come. Additionally, you may choose to sprinkle a handful of glitters or paper-punched cut-outs inside the card to add an element of surprise.

Sending out more than a single Christmas card minimizes your chances of sending a lengthy personalized message to your loved ones. However, reminding your friends and family of how you are grateful for their presence in your life makes the festive message special. Check out various designs on Mixbook and make your loved ones smile this Christmas.