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Custom Booth Design Using Social Media and Interactive Content 

Technology continues to advance globally across all industries. Custom booth design by trade show booth suppliers allows you as an exhibitor to take advantage of the trend toward social media and interactive content. Here are some tips for integrating these technologies to draw attention from your target audience at your next event. 

Custom Booth Design Highlights Social Media Platforms

Marketing using social media is certainly not a new trend. But trade show booth suppliers are now exploring new ways to leverage these social media platforms. The latest innovation for using social media to draw attention in custom booth design is a social media wall.

Add a Tweet Wall to Your Custom Booth Design

Tweet Walls require trade show booth suppliers to add a giant, crystal clear screen that runs Twitter feed threads that mention your brand, the trade show and your marketing team.

Twitter lets users post very concise, meaningful content. So, your marketing team and trade show staff can utilize visitor Twitter feeds to focus personalized attention. Then you can display the content to your target audience at the trade show venue.

Or Add an Insta Wall

The idea of an Instagram Wall works the same way as a Tweet Wall. The only difference is the special focus on video and images in the feed. Use an Insta Wall in your custom booth design to relay videos and images of visitors at your booth in real-time. Tag or mention them for even more incredible marketing mileage and to strengthen customer relationships at and after the event.

Trade Show Booth Suppliers Offer Interactive Content

One of the most exciting new ideas reinventing custom booth design is interactive content. Deploy interactive content in many ways, including:

Implement Touch Screens

Touch screen surfaces use interactive content like videos, images, tutorials, and enhanced product demonstrations. Support the efforts and time of your marketing team where it is needed the most for lead generation and/or on-site sales.

Touch screens can showcase presentations, enable visitors to choose the content they want to see, and focus attention on specific aspects of your brand.

Interactive Kiosks

Interactive kiosks effectively collect feedback from booth visitors. Integrate interactive kiosks into your custom booth design to share answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs), questionnaires or feedback forms to record responses.

Draw Attention Using Robotics in Custom Booth Design

Make your custom booth design more customer focused and responsive with the deployment of robotics. Visitors often find a conversation with a robot is fascinating and highly memorable. Support your trade show staff with robotics to make a massive impression on the trade show floor.

In Summary

As technology advances in other industries, trade show attendees have higher expectations for what they see in your custom booth design. Incorporate high-tech solutions to make an impression with your brand and show your target audience what you can do! Modern trade show booth suppliers can help you integrate these innovative technologies into your custom booth design. So, you’ll be remembered by everyone who visits your booth at your next event.