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Batam Island Tourism Spots to Visit for Foreign Tourists

Batam might not be a place for many tourists to visit. That is because this city is known as the main harbor on the Sumatra Island in Indonesia. Even though, it turns out that this city still have some nice attractions that you might want to consider as some of the best Batam Island tourism spots. Therefore, if you are going to Indonesia from the harbor in Batam, then you might want to simply try visiting some of these spots below. Who knows that one of these spots might be a nice place where you can simply enjoy your travel in Batam?

  • The first spot that you might want to see while you are in Batam is the beach. As you have known, Batam is very well known as one of the biggest harbor city that you can find in Indonesia. However, along with that fact, there is another unique fact that you might want to know. That is because even though Batam has a lot of ships going in and out of the port and the harbor, it turns out that this city has a nice beach too. As an addition to that, the small islands near this city are one thing that you need to consider too. That is because all of those islands have their own beautiful view that you will never want to miss.
  • The second spot that you can try to visit is the temple. It is actually the spots. That is because there are a lot of temples that you can find in Batam. For your information, in the old times, most of the people living on this city are a Hindustan. That is one reason why you can find a lot of nice temple as Batam Island tourism. If you are interested in visiting the temple, then you should go to Maha Vihara Duta Maitreya as one of the biggest and the best Buddhist temple that you can visit in Batam.
  • The third one and also the last spot that you can visit in Batam is Barelang Bridge. This is one of the most iconic spots that you can visit in Batam. That is because this bridge is very attractive so that this bridge is becoming one nice spot based on the opinion of the locals. That is not something that you can simply deny since the sunset view from this bridge is totally stunning so that you might want to take a picture when you are on this bridge when the sun is setting down.

Those are some spots that you might want to try to visit when you are in Batam. For your consideration, Batam is not a city full of attractions. That means having some of those best Batam Island tourism attractions can be considered as something nice. Who knows that when you are visiting Batam for few days, you can simply visit one of those spots above? That might give you another point of view from this harbor city in Indonesia.