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A Guide to Help You Distinguish Premium Manufacturers From Mediocre Ones 

Finding garage doors is easy but finding garage doors that will last a lifetime without losing their strength is a tough task. Since it’s humanly not possible for customers to go from sellers to sellers and browse hundreds of websites, we have made this guide – on popular demand – that’ll narrow the list of perfect sellers in Canada. 

If you’ve been trying to buy a stellar garage door for your house but have been thrown off balance since there are practically hundreds of sellers who claim to be the best, then we have made things very simple. 

Keep reading to understand what to look for in a seller so that you get the best quality!

Choosing the Right Seller and the Right Garage Door for Your House – Are the Options Limited? 

The one query that we get the most is, are garage doors boring and unattractive because they’re made of metals such as aluminum and steel? So, to close the query forever, the answer is no. When you have the right manufacturers such as Portes de garage Garex, they’ll offer you abundant color choices and texture choices. 

So, a garage door can be a visual delight that’ll make your house classier than it even was. 

That said, let’s help you understand what to look for in a seller and the door you want to buy!

Quality is King 

There’s a reason that legacy manufacturers such as Garex use the frame thicknesses of 1 3/4″ for R16 door models and 1 ⅜ inch for R12 door models. Since winters in Canada are extreme, this thickness is pivotal for the doors to conserve energy. Otherwise, the doors won’t be energy efficient and that’s going to be a big problem. 

Customization is a Necessity 

Everybody’s idea of class, beauty, and style is different. And these aspects matter the most when it comes to private properties. That’s why premium sellers such as Garex offer 10 color options to customize the garage doors. Other ways in which you can design the door of your dreams within your budget are as follows:

  1. There are distinguished styles to be chosen from. The bestselling ones include country-style garage doors, contemporary garage doors, and traditional garage doors. 
  2. The texture and pattern are varied too. You can choose between Vermont, Port Royal, Tilly, Mits, Lordship Heritage, Grooved, Wood grain, Quantum, and much much more. 

As a last piece of advice, we’d also like to mention that premium trustworthy sellers will always offer a lifetime warranty on their products and quick delivery and installation services too.