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5 Ways to Make Money Online

The fast-paced world of today is teaming with online money-making opportunities. Some jobs require a specific degree or skill and others do not. Both, however, offer the average person a chance to increase their earning potential in the comfort of their own home.

Getting Paid for Online Work

So, what are folks doing besides selling their unwanted items on group sale sites or making crafts out of scraps in their spare time? Professionally-based cash generating opportunities online are becoming a popular retreat from the norm. While there are dozens of options, the following are the top 5 easiest and most comprehensive methods:

  1. Publish an E-Book

The saying goes that everyone has a story. However, some people have a tale that’s worth paying for, whether because of insight, intrigue, or incident. Publishing an e-book is easier than ever thanks to online template wizards such as and Kindle Direct Publishing. Both options provide concise support throughout the process, offer fair commission, and can be used as often as you’d like. What’s more, both publishers allow authors to set their own prices.

  1. Sell Your Photos

We all take pictures with our cell phones, but now there’s a way to make money with it. Sites such as EyeEm, ShutterStock, and Foap allow everyday photographers to sell their pictures as stock photos for various brands and businesses. The amount of cash generated is determined by the quality of the photos submitted, but both sites offer cellphone apps that use editing tools to help make the images more appealing.

  1. Be a Site Tester

With so many websites and so little time, companies are starting to pay people to test their sites for aesthetics, functionality, and basic user-friendliness. Using a simple computer microphone, an internet connection, and 20-30 minutes of your time, you can often make as much as $10 per test performed. Transparent and reputable sites like offer the best rates for the job and require no special skills to participate.

  1. Transcribe a Piece of Audio

Mech Turk from Amazon and have thousands of audio pieces that need transcribed by a set of quick hands and good ears. Neither site requires anything extraordinary apart from a short test of competency. Approval is usually made on the spot and the earning potential is in the hundreds per week for someone who’s not afraid to work.

  1. Do Some Online Tutoring

We all have a skill that’s worth sharing with the world, but not all of us have an official degree to back up our expertise. When your experience speaks louder than your credentials, turn to online tutoring and course development. Sites such as Udemy, Skooli, and Skill Share allow everyday people to share the things they’re good at with people who want to learn while making extra cash for it.

None of these options are get rich quick schemes, but they are real opportunities to make money online. Be sure to have all the necessary equipment before started to maximize your profits.

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