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5 Exciting Places to Visit at Bandung

As one of the most favorite destination places in Indonesia, Bandung has a lot of exciting places to visit for tourists, both locals and international. If you plan to go, make sure to include these 5 exciting places to visit at Bandung.

Museum of The Asian-African Conference

No matter which place you’re visiting, among the best things to do would be to research its museums. Probably the most fascinating places to see in Bandung is the Museum of The Asian-African Conference, which can be dedicated to the Bandung Conference of newly-independent African American and Asian countries in 1955. It is an informative museum and also an essential building for a meeting. The Asian-African Conference Museum gives you a peek in the history of the event and can be a fantastic place to visit during your stay.

Bandung Historical Park

Another possibly the most fascinating places to visit in Bandung is the Bandung Historical Park. The park is the best place to go if you want to learn about the history of Bandung. It is a great place to bring your family to. The park has a pool for kids so you can allow your little ones to play as you read and unwind. You might also explore the small however well-maintained gardens of Bandung Historical Park. That’s a superb place to relax while learning about the town and its past.

Bandung Treetop Adventure Park

If you’re wondering what to see in Bandung with your loved ones, among the best areas for everybody to enjoy is Bandung Treetop Adventure Park. You can engage in several outdoor activities, such as the Flying Fox challenges, which range in difficulty based on the visitor’s era. It is distinctive from other locations within the city as it offers adventure and excitement in the excellent outdoors. This is definitely possibly the most exciting places to visit within the town when you’re traveling with family or a group of buddies.

Keraton Cliff

That’s a spot in Bandung that attracts a lot of audiences every year. Keratin Cliff is famous for the magnificent views it offers. It is a fantastic vantage point to see the town and a carpet of the green landscape. Beware of the road leading to the cliff because now it is quite damaged. It can make your journey to get there a little tough. But once you arrive, you’ll discover that it’s worth the excursion as you take in the views you can only get from this stage. If you’re in Bandung, don’t miss making the trip to Keraton Cliff.

Kawah Putih

Another popular attraction for tourist, Kawah Putih is among the most incredible places to visit in Bandung. Situated in South Bandung, Kawah Putih is a secret place with an atmosphere that is tranquil. It is a sulphuric lake that looks totally amazing with big rocks on green hills and its coast. Kawah Putih is encompassed by the crater’s walls. This is the best place to go whenever you want to clear your mind and soul. In there, you can feel refreshed and ready to take on the next sightseeing excursion.


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