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4 Must-Visit Places in Bandung for Backpackers

Bandung is also known as the ‘Paris of Java’ because of its resemblance to Paris and European atmosphere. Find some of the most excellent places to visit in Bandung for backpackers on this list.

  1. Lembang

Lembang is a tranquil place in West Bandung that is blessed with an abundance of natural wealth and pleasant weather. The place is one of the most beautiful areas to go to Bandung, Indonesia. The chilly climate and atmosphere are what makes this area perfect for agriculture. Lembang has many trendy little cafes where you can take incredible pictures to share on social media. Check out Lereng Anteng Panoramic Coffee Place. It is among the very Instagrammable cafes. Its trademark is its own outside area, where you can sit within a clear tent and enjoy the fantastic mountain views as you enjoy your cup of coffee.

  1. Tebing Keraton

In 1200 m above sea level, Tebing Keraton is among the most ideal places to visit at Bandung for the incredible view of the sunrise. You will also be awe-inspired from the perspective of misty clouds floating over the hills. At Tebing Keraton, you can breathe deeply and relax, and admire the magnificent view of Bandung and its encompassing areas something which very few places have to give.

  1. Situ Patenggang

If you are in South Bandung, then you should be sure to visit Situ Patenggang. This lake is a favorite place of interest in this region of the city among locals and tourists alike. The greatest thing at Situ Patenggan is the scenic route, where numerous strawberry farms and tea plantations can be seen along the way. You will see a lush green natural environment everywhere you look. Once you arrive at the lake, you’ll discover a lot of beautiful boats in bright, vibrant colors. You can go on a boat ride around the lake or find a spot to sit down and revel in the beauty and serenity of this beautiful locale. Situ is one of the most scenic areas to go to Bandung with family and friends.

  1. St. Peters Cathedral

A famous landmark of this city, St. Peters Cathedral is one of the most well-known Bandung tourist attractions. Found in the center of the town, the church, formally names Katedral Santo Petrus, is known far and wide for its unique architecture. It was designed by Wolff Schoemaker in Neo-Gothic style. If you’re interested in photography, St. Peters Cathedral is a great place to take some interesting and beautiful pictures. The perfect time to take incredible photos is in the afternoon before the sun sets. The light strikes the cathedral, providing its facade a stunning effect. The inside is small but just as impressive as the outside and has a great atmosphere it is possible to immerse yourself in.


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