Thursday, September 21, 2017
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Must Have Characteristics for an Administrator in Criminal Justice

Criminal justice system in the United States is quite an extensive domain that covers a number of most significant public departments. Operational with multiple pools of highly qualified, insightful professions come with criminal justice background, all the cells work together to sustain law, order and peace in the country. Criminal Justice related to federal structure or state includes Enforcement, Vigilance and Investigation, Legal, Prosecution and Corrective Cell. Apart from having a background in Criminal Justice, Bachelor’s degree/ Master’s degree or Doctorial degree; to be successful in the area of Criminal Justice, you should boast a number of key characteristics:

Strong ethical sensibility

Keep in mind that as a criminal justice professional, you actually serve the public, society and nation by ensuring defense, protection and well being in everyday life. This demands you to be extremely ethical, responsible and act as a protector of law and order.

Highly watchful

Officials associated with law and enforcement must have up-to-date information about the law and order situation of different states, nation as well as the world. Even though, they work under federal government or particular state justice system, it is significant for them to remain aware about the increasing terrorism over the world which can bang the country at any moment.

Through Knowledge about Laws

As per option of Adam Quirk, a prominent criminal justice personality served the nation for more than 15 years and worked for a number of most vital departments like Drug Enforcement (DEA) as Diversion Inspector, FBI as criminal investigator, in Criminal Management or Background Check, that widespread knowledge about criminal justice laws is a must-have attribute for related professionals. While overall knowledge is important, he/she should be fully aware of the departmental law that he works for.


Whether you work in a group as a team member or as the crew leader, you must possess high degree of leadership quality, great communication skill and ability to work in team. Mr. Adam has served more than a decade in varied law enforcement bodies, under numerous jurisdictions across the US. Everywhere he has earned recognition, esteem and appraisal for his brilliant team management skill.   

Physical Fitness

Officers working for Criminal Justice System, regardless of the department they work for, physical fitness is a must. However, when it comes to police department or enforcement, investigation or detective, or Drug enforcement, people irrespective of their position, should boast extreme fitness level at any given time.

Fast and Critical Thinking

Especially those working as criminal Investigator like Adam Quirk FBI should have extreme sharpness of mind, ability to view things behind the wall, analytical mind, logical views and sharp decision making power that make them thriving in the domain.

Ability to stand stress

Most jobs related to criminal justice are stressful. Making a crucial judgment; chasing the criminal gang in disguise or spoiling of good evidences by the criminal party can make you worry, frustrated and taxing. Under all circumstance, you have to remain cool, and think with positive attitude and look for optional ways.

Knowledge about Technology

You will have to perform with a variety of high-tech devices. Like those working in the forensic department, enforcement or investigation, must have up-to-date knowledge about devices you’re likely to interact.